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Student Activities

  • ICRA 2018 - Scavenger Hunt
    Thank you all for participating in the ICRA 2018 Scavenger Hunt (info)! 
  • LwL at IROS 2017
    Lunch with Leaders at IROS 2017 provided more than 100 Students an opportunity to network with RAS and Industry Leaders
  • CASE Best Student Paper

    Anastasia Bolotnikova receives the 2017 CASE Best Student Conference Paper Award, for the paper titled "A Circuit-Breaker Use-Case Operated by a Humanoid in Aircraft Manufacturing"

  • ICRA 2017 scavenger hunt
    Students "Act like a bird on the Forest Walk" for the ICRA 2017 SAC Scavenger Hunt.
  • Best Student Paper ICRA 2017
    ICRA 2017 BEST Student Paper Award: "Autonomous Robotic Stone Stacking with Online Next Best Object Target Pose Planning," by F. Furrer, M. Wermelinger, H. Yoshida, F. Gramazio, M. Kohler, R. Siegwart, M. Hutter
  • HTD 2017

    Event to be held on 14 October 2017 in East Lansing, Michigan, USA.
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  • Dragon Boat race at IROS 2016
    RAS Students compete in a Dragon Boat Race during IROS 2016, Daejeon, Korea
  • CASE 2016 LwL
    Students participate in Lunch with Leaders at CASE 2016, Fort Worth, TX USA

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