Research Proposals

The TCH awarded research grants to young researchers to carry out research in the field of haptics.

These grants were awarded to young researchers at the postdoc and Ph.D. student position levels to foster curiosity from applicants to explore new ideas in their research project that otherwise will be left unexplored. Below are the award recipients and their project titles:


  • Joshua Brown (Queen Mary University) - Displaying shape and texture with vibration and particle jamming
  • Maria Pozzi (Univ. Siena) - WHOT? Wearable haptics for fluent Human-robOT collaboration
  • Alexis Block (ETH Zurich) - Inflatable torso sensor for a hugging robot
  • Brygida Dzidek (TU Delft) - Tactile ‘rose-coloured’ glasses effect – emotional/perception state change induced by frictional modulation
  • Esther Foo (Univ. Minnesota) - Investigation of the Objective and Subjective Effects of Computer-Mediated Compression
  • Janelle Clark (Rice University) - Identifying Key Factors Influencing Upper Arm Haptic Feedback Device Design
  • Louise Devigne (INSA) - Designing adapted haptic interfaces aiming to provide wheelchair navigation support
  • Mario Selvaggio (Univ. Naples) - Haptic Guidance Methods for Robotic Surgery
  • Gemma Bettelani (Univ. Pisa) - Reliable ElectromAgnetic DynAmic BrailLE