The role of the Vice Chair for Publications is to coordinate, as appropriate, haptics-related publications that fall within the purview of the IEEE. Current and past activities include:

New IEEE Transactions on Haptics

In 2006-07, the TCH along with members of the haptics community outside IEEE shepharded a new journal into existence. The IEEE Transactions on Haptics was formally approved by IEEE on June 15, 2007.

  • Professor Edward Colgate announced as Founding Editor-in-Chief for the new IEEE Transactions on Haptics
  • Call for Editor In Chief Nominations
  • Archived information about the jounal creation process (password protected because email addresses are listed. Please contact maclean at cs . ubc . ca for access information).

Standardization of Proceedings for IEEE Sponsored Conferences

As of 2018, there are four major haptics conferences (Wordhaptics, Haptics Symposium, Eurohaptics, AsiaHaptics) which vary in terms of sponsorship and publications access and format. In addition, there has been variation from event to event with some of the conference paper formats and lengths, etc. Discussions are in progress as to pros/cons of establishing some uniformity in length / format of papers, and electronic availability of proceedings, among these venues and from year to year. Some of this rests on uniformity of IEEE sponsorship, also still being resolved.