Administrative Committee

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society is managed by the Administrative Committee (AdCom), which consists of 18 elected members and the six officers of the Society.  The elected AdCom members serve three-year terms, with six members to be elected each year. While an AdCom member cannot serve for more than two consecutive three-year terms, they are eligible to serve again after a two-year lapse. The AdCom meets at a minimum of twice per year.

You can download IEEE Robotics and Automation Society AdCom Meeting Minutes from this page:
RAS AdCom Minutes and Motions


Aude Billard portrait
Aude Billard
Lausanne, Switzerland

President Elect

Nancy Amato portrait
Nancy Amato
President Elect
University of Illinois
Urbana (IL), USA

Junior Past President

Frank Park portrait
Frank Park
Junior Past President
Seoul National University
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Senior Past President- Non Voting Member

Seth Hutchinson portrait
Seth Hutchinson
Senior Past president
Georgia Tech
Atlanta (GA), USA


Patrick M.  Wensing portrait
Patrick M. Wensing
University of Notre Dame
South Bend (IN), USA


Tony Maciejewski portrait
Tony Maciejewski
Colorado State University
Fort Collins (CO), USA

Parliamentarian (non-voting)

Jen Jen Chung portrait
Jen Jen Chung
Parlimentarian (non-voting)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, Australia

Student AdCom Member

Enrica Tricomi portrait
Enrica Tricomi
Student AdCom Member
Heidelberg University Germany
Heidelberg, Germany

AdCom Class of 2024


Arash Ajoudani portrait
Arash Ajoudani
Adcom Class of 2024
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Genova, Italy
Fumihito Arai  portrait
Fumihito Arai
Adcom Class of 2024
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
Allison Okamura portrait
Allison Okamura
Adcom Class of 2024
Stanford University
Stanford (CA), USA
Karinne Ramirez Amaro portrait
Karinne Ramirez Amaro
Adcom Class of 2024
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Gothenburg, Sweden
Inna Sharf portrait
Inna Sharf
Adcom Class of 2024
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
Kenji Suzuki portrait
Kenji Suzuki
Adcom Class of 2024
University of Tsukuba
Tokyo, Japan

AdCom Class of 2025


Alin Albu-Schaeffer portrait
Alin Albu-Schaeffer
Adcom Class of 2025
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Weßling, Germany
Sabine Hauert portrait
Sabine Hauert
Adcom Class of 2025
University of Bristol
Bristol, England
Yasuhisa Hirata portrait
Yasuhisa Hirata
Adcom Class of 2025
Tohoku University
Sendai, Japan
Lydia Kavraki portrait
Lydia Kavraki
Adcom Class of 2025
Rice University
Houston (TX), USA
Eiichi  Yoshida portrait
Eiichi Yoshida
Adcom Class of 2025
Tokyo University of Science
Tokyo, Japan
Hong Zhang portrait
Hong Zhang
Adcom Class of 2025
Southern University of Science and Technology
Shenzhen, China

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