Education Material in Robotics and Automation

Creation of Educational Material in Robotics and Automation (CEMRA)

The following RAS funded projects represent educational materials in a wide variety of Robotics and Automation science and technologies developed for broad users, including beginner students new to the area as well as top-class researchers, practitioners, and/or educators seeking in depth knowledge.

  • 2019 -  Advanced Design of Mechanisms and Actuators for Robotic Applications
  • 2019 - Teaching Key Robotics Concepts with the Help of Low-Cost Manipulator and Augmented Reality

Other Continuing Education Programs

Robot Academy: University-level, short video lessons and full online courses to help you understand and prepare for this technology of the future.

Modern Robotics: A study of the kinematics, dynamics, motion planning, and control of mobile robots and robot arms, from a modern, screw theory-based perspective.

  • Modern Robotics- Modern Robotics book preprint, video lectures, and cross-platform software and simulation environment, all free.
  • Coursera (Modern Robotics):  Coursera MOOC specialization consisting of six short courses on Modern Robotics.


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