Automation Cluster Forum

RAS TC Automation Cluster Forum at ICRA 2024

Tuesday, May 14th, 7 - 9 PM at Annex Hall Room 202

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Navigating Future Approaches to Open-Source Automation 

in the Age of AI and Autonomous Robotics


Join us for an enlightening forum at ICRA 2024, where we explore the future of open-source automation, AI, and autonomous robotics. This year, we are honored to host distinguished speakers who will share their insights and research on the evolving landscape of robotics and automation. 


Each speaker will be allocated a 25-minute slot, comprising a 15-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. This format ensures time for in-depth discussions and engagement with our speakers.



Main Organizers


       Professor Birgit Vogel-Heuse
       Dr. Angela Faragasso




[18:00 - 18:05] Opening Remarks






[19:45 - 19:55] Open Discussion

A moderated conversation among speakers and attendees, covering the presented topics,

community involvement, interoperability, and future prospects.


[19:55 - 20:00] Closing Remarks

Summary and closing thoughts, presented by the Chairs.



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