T-RO Papers Presented at Conferences

Authors of an IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO) regular paper (not evolved papers, survey papers, or communication papers) are given the opportunity to present their paper at one upcoming conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS).


Stability Analysis of Tendon Driven Continuum Robots and Application to Active Softening
Q. Peyron, and J. Burgner-Kahrs [Xplore Link]

Direct Kinematic Singularities and Stability Analysis of Sagging Cable-driven Parallel Robots
S. Briot, Sébastien and  J.-P. Merlet [Xplore Link]

Geometric Algebra for Optimal Control with Applications in Manipulation Tasks
T. Löw, Tobias and S. Calinon  [Xplore Link]

N2M2: Learning Navigation for Arbitrary Mobile Manipulation Motions in Unseen and Dynamic Environments
D. Honerkamp, T. Welschehold, and A. Valada [Xplore Link]

Optimal Control for Articulated Soft Robots
S. P. Chhatoi, M. Pierallini, F. Angelini, C. Mastalli, and M. Garabini  [Xplore Link]

AutoMerge: A Framework for Map Assembling and Smoothing in City-scale Environments
P. Yin, S. Zhao, H. Lai, R. Ge, J. Zhang, H. Choset, and S. Scherer  [Xplore Link]

Invariant Descriptors of Motion and Force Trajectories for Interpreting Object Manipulation Tasks in Contact
M. Vochten, A. Mousavi Mohammadi, A. Verduyn, T. De Laet, E. Aertbelien, and J. De Schutter [Xplore Link]

A Robot Web for Distributed Many-Device Localisation
R. Murai, J. Ortiz, S. Saeedi, P. H. J. Kelly, and A. J. Davison  [Xplore Link]

Redundancy Resolution at Position Level
A. Albu-Schäffer, and A. Sachtler [Xplore Link]

Variable Stiffness Soft Robotic Fingers using Snap-Fit Kinematic Reconfiguration
J. Bastien and L. Birglen  [Xplore Link]

Online Camera-LiDAR Calibration Monitoring and Rotational Drift Tracking
J. Moravec and R. Sara [Xplore Link]

RotorTM: A Flexible Simulator for Aerial Transportation and Manipulation
G. Li, L. Xinyang, and G. Loianno  [Xplore Link]

Visual-tactile Fusion for Transparent Object Grasping in Complex Backgrounds
S. Li, H. Yu, W. Ding, H. Liu, L. Ye, C. Xia, X. Wang, and X.-P. Zhang  [Xplore Link]

Distributed Matching-by-Clone Hungarian-Based Algorithm for Task Allocation of Multi-Agent Systems
A. Samiei and L. Sun [Xplore Link]

Robust Task-Space Quadratic Programming for Kinematic-Controlled Robots
M. Djeha, P. Gergondet, and A. Kheddar  [Xplore Link]

K-VIL: Keypoints-based Visual Imitation Learning
J. Gao, Z. Tao, N. Jaquier, and T. Asfour  [Xplore Link]

Stable Motion Primitives via Imitation and Contrastive Learning
R. Pérez-Dattari and J. Kober  [Xplore Link]

AnyGrasp: Robust and Efficient Grasp Perception in Spatial and Temporal Domains
H.-S. Fang, C. Wang, H. Fang, M. Gou, J. Liu, H. Yan, W. Liu, Y. Xie, and C. Lu  [Xplore Link]

Global Planning for Contact-Rich Manipulation via Local Smoothing of Quasi-dynamic Contact Models
T. Pang, Tao H. J. T. Suh, L. Yang, and R. Tedrake  [Xplore Link]

A Soft, Lightweight Flipping Robot with Versatile Motion Capabilities for Wall-Climbing Applications
R. Chen, X. Tao, C. Cao, P. Jiang, J. Luo, and Y. Sun  [Xplore Link]

Equilibria, Stability, and Sensitivity for the Aerial Suspended Beam Robotic System subject to Parameter Uncertainty
C. Gabellieri, M. Tognon, D. Sanalitro, and A. Franchi  [Xplore Link]

Singularity Analysis of Rigid Directed Bearing Graphs for Quadrotor Formations
J. Erskine, S. Briot, I. Fantoni, and A. Chriette  [Xplore Link]

Occupancy Grid Mapping without Ray-Casting for High-resolution LiDAR Sensors
Y. Cai, F. Kong, Y. Ren, F. Zhu, J. Lin, and F. Zhang [Xplore Link]

Statistical Stratification and Benchmarking of Robotic Grasping Performance
B. Denoun, M. Hansard, B. Leon, and L. Jamone  [Xplore Link]

Grasp it Like a Pro 2.0: A Data-Driven Approach Exploiting Basic Shapes Decomposition and Human Data for Grasping Unknown Objects

A. Palleschi, F.  Angelini, C. Gabellieri, D. W. Park, L. Pallottino, A. Bicchi, and M. Garabini, Manolo  [Xplore Link]

Layered Control for Cooperative Locomotion of Two Quadrupedal Robots: Centralized and Distributed Approaches
J. Kim, R. Fawcett, V. Kamidi, A. Ames, and K. Akbari Hamed   [Xplore Link]

ContourPose: Monocular 6D Pose Estimation Method for Reflective Texture-less Metal Parts
Z. He, Q. Li, X. Zhao, J. Wang, H. Shen, S. Zhang, and J. Tan  [Xplore Link]

Lightweight Human-Friendly Robotic Arm based on Transparent Hydrostatic Transmissions
M. Bolignari, G. Rizzello, L. Zaccarian, and M. Fontana  [Xplore Link]

A Restorable, Variable Stiffness Pneumatic Soft Gripper Based on Jamming of Strings of Beads
F. Han, L. Fei, R. Zou, W. Li, J. Zhou,  and H. Zhao  [Xplore Link]

KT-BT: A Framework for Knowledge Transfer Through Behavior Trees in Multi-Robot Systems
S. S. Oruganti Venkata, R. Parasuraman, and R. Pidaparti   [Xplore Link]

Intrinsic Contact Sensing and Object Perception of An Adaptive Fin-ray Gripper Integrating Compact Deflection Sensors
G. Chen, S. Tang, S. Xu, T. Guan, Y. Xun, Z. Zhang, H. Wang, and Z. Lin  [Xplore Link]

Efficient Constrained Dynamics Algorithms based on an Equivalent LQR Formulation using Gauss' Principle of Least Constraint
A. S. Sathya, H. Bruyninckx, W. Decré, and G. Pipeleers  [Xplore Link]

Uniform Passive Fault-Tolerant Control of a Quadcopter with One, Two, or Three Rotor Failure
C. Ke, K.-Y. Cai, and Q. Quan  [Xplore Link]

Hypergraph-Based Multi-Robot Task and Motion Planning
J. Motes, T. Chen, T. Bretl, M. Morales, and N. Amato  [Xplore Link]

Perching and Grasping Using a Passive Dynamic Bioinspired Gripper
A. Firouzeh, J. Lee, H. Yang, D. Lee, and K.-J. Cho  [Xplore Link]

Robust and Efficient Depth-based Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Miniaturized UAVs
H. Müller, V. Niculescu, T. Polonelli, M. Magno, and L. Benini  [Xplore Link]

Efficient and Consistent Bundle Adjustment on Lidar Point Clouds
Z. Liu, X. Liu, and F. Zhang  [Xplore Link]

Robot-Camera Calibration in Tightly Constrained Environment Using Interactive Perception
F. Zhong, B. Li, W. Chen, and Y. Liu  [Xplore Link]

Fast Kinodynamic Planning on the Constraint Manifold with Deep Neural Networks
P. Kicki, P. Liu, D. Tateo, H. Bou Ammar, K. Walas, P. Skrzypczynski, and J. Peters  [Xplore Link]

BioSLAM: A Bio-inspired Lifelong Memory System for General Place Recognition
P. Yin, A. Abuduweili, S. Zhao, L. Xu, C. Liu, and S. Scherer  [Xplore Link]

The Foreseeable Future: Self-Supervised Learning to Predict Dynamic Scenes for Indoor Navigation
H. Thomas, J. Zhang, and T. Barfoot  [Xplore Link]

Motion Planning and Inertia Based Control for Impact Aware Manipulation
H. Khurana, and A. Billard  [Xplore Link]

Aerobatic Trajectory Generation for a VTOL Fixed-Wing Aircraft Using Differential Flatness
E. Tal, G. Ryou, and S. Karaman  [Xplore Link]

Magnetorheological-Actuators: An Enabling Technology for Fast, Safe and Practical Collaborative Robots
A. St-Jean, F. Dorval, J.-S. Plante, and A. Lussier Desbiens  [Xplore Link]

Sim-Suction: Learning a Suction Grasp Policy for Cluttered Environments Using a Synthetic Benchmark
J. Li and D. Cappelleri  [Xplore Link]

Semi-autonomous Robotic Manipulator for Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement
I. Tamadon, S. M. H. Sadati, V. Mamone, V. Ferrari, C. Bergeles, and A. Menciassi  [Xplore Link]

Lattice-based Shape Tracking and Servoing of Elastic Objects
M. Shetab-Bushehri, M. Aranda, Y. Mezouar, and E. Ozgur  [Xplore Link]

Surfing Algorithm: Agile and Safe Transition Strategy for Hybrid Aerial Underwater Vehicle in Waves
Y. Bi, Y. Jin, H. Zhou, Y. Bai, C. Lyu, Z. Zeng, and L. Lian  [Xplore Link]

Crawling Soft Robot Exploiting Wheel-legs and Multimodal Locomotion for High Terrestrial Maneuverability
X. Ai, H. Yue, and W. Wang  [Xplore Link]

EVOLVER: Online Learning and Prediction of Disturbances for Robot Control
J. Jia, W. Zhang, K. Guo, J. Wang, X. Yu, Y. Shi, and L. Guo  [Xplore Link]

Learning a Flexible Neural Energy Function with a Unique Minimum for Globally Stable and Accurate Demonstration Learning
Z. Jin, W. Si, A. Liu, W.-A. Zhang, L. Yu, and C. Yang  [Xplore Link]

Circular Accessible Depth: A Robust Traversability Representation for UGV Navigation
S. Xie, R. Song, Y. Zhao, X. Huang, Y. Li, and W. Zhang  [Xplore Link]

The voraus-AD Dataset for Anomaly Detection in Robot Applications
J. T. Brockmann, M. Rudolph, B. Rosenhahn, and B. Wandt  [Xplore Link]

Non-Smooth Trajectory Optimization for Wheeled Balancing Robots with Contact Switches and Impacts
V. Klemm, Y. de Viragh, D. Rohr, R. Siegwart, and M. Tognon  [Xplore Link]

X-ICP: Localizability-Aware LiDAR Registration for Robust Localization in Extreme Environments
T. Tuna, J. Nubert, Y. A. Nava Chocrón, S. Khattak, and M. Hutter   [Xplore Link]

Distributed Differential Dynamic Programming Architectures for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Control
A. Saravanos, Y. Aoyama, H. Zhu, and E. Theodorou   [Xplore Link]

Radar Instance Transformer: Reliable Moving Instance Segmentation in Sparse Radar Point Clouds
M. Zeller, V. S. Sandhu, B. Mersch, J. Behley, M. Heidingsfeld, and C. Stachniss  [Xplore Link]

A Miniature Water Jumping Robot Based on Accurate Interaction Force Analysis
J. Yan, X. Zhang, K. Yang, and J. Zhao  [Xplore Link]

A General Kinematic Model of Fish Locomotion Enables Robot Fish to Master Multiple Swimming Motions
Y. Zhong, Z. Hong, Y. Li, and J. Yu  [Xplore Link]

A Novel Back-support Exoskeleton with a Differential Series Elastic Actuator for Lifting Assistance
S. Ding, F. Anaya Reyes, S. Bhattacharya, A. Narayan, S. Han, S. Ofori, and H. Yu   [Xplore Link]

A Kinetostatic Model for Concentric Push-Pull Robots
J. Childs, and C. Rucker  [Xplore Link]

ImMesh: An Immediate LiDAR Localization and Meshing Framework
J. Lin, C. Yuan, Y. Cai, H. Li, Y. Ren, Y. Zou, X. Hong, and F. Zhang  [Xplore Link]

Morphological Design for Pneumatic Soft Actuators and Robots with Desired Deformation Behavior
F. Chen, Z. Song, S. Chen, G. Gu, and X. Zhu  [Xplore Link]

Unified Motion Planner for Walking, Running, and Jumping Using the Three-Dimensional Divergent Component of Motion
G. Mesesan, R. Schuller, J. Englsberger, C. Ott, and A. Albu-Schäffer  [Xplore Link]

Millimeter-Level Pick and Peg-In-Hole Task Achieved by Aerial Manipulator
M. Wang, Z. Chen, K. Guo, X. Yu, Y. Zhang, L. Guo, and W. Wang   [Xplore Link]

Simplified Continuous High Dimensional Belief Space Planning with Adaptive Probabilistic Belief-dependent Constraints
A. Zhitnikov and V. Indelman  [Xplore Link]

Modeling and Design of Lattice-Reinforced Pneumatic Soft Robots
D. Wang, C. Jiang, and G. Gu  [Xplore Link]

A Generalized Motion Control Framework of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators: Dynamic Modeling, Sliding-mode Control and Experimental Evaluation
J. Zou, S. O. Kassim, J. Ren, V. Vaziri, S. S.  Aphale, and G. Gu  [Xplore Link]

Singularity Analysis and Solutions for the Origami Transmission Mechanism of Fast-Moving Untethered Insect-scale Robot
Y. Liu, B. Feng, T. Cheng, Y. Chen, X. Liu, J. Zhang, S. Qu, and W. Yang  [Xplore Link]

Implicit Time Integration Simulation of Robots with Rigid Bodies and Cosserat Rods Based on a Newton-Euler Recursive Algorithm
F. Boyer, A. Gotelli, P. T. Tempel, V. Lebastard, F. Renda, and S. Briot  [Xplore Link]

Occlusion-Robust Autonomous Robotic Manipulation of Human Soft Tissues with 3D Surface Feedback
J. Hu, D. Jones, M. R. Dogar, and P. Valdastri   [Xplore Link]

Active Learning of Discrete-Time Dynamics for Uncertainty-Aware Model Predictive Control
A. Saviolo, J. Frey, A. Rathod, M. Diehl, and G. Loianno  [Xplore Link]

Simultaneous Localization and Actuation Using Electromagnetic Navigation Systems
D. von Arx, C. Fischer, H. Torlakcik, S. Pané, B. J. Nelson, and Q. Boehler  [Xplore Link]

Robotic Contact Juggling

J. Woodruff and K. Lynch  [Xplore Link]

Adaptive Fingers Coordination for Robust Grasp and In-Hand Manipulation under Disturbances and Unknown Dynamics

F. Khadivar and A. Billard  [Xplore Link]

Cooperation for Scalable Supervision of Autonomy in Mixed Traffic

C. Hickert, S. Li, and C. Wu  [Xplore Link]

Model-Free 3D Shape Control of Deformable Objects Using Novel Features Based on Modal Analysis

B. Yang, B. Lu, W. Chen, F. Zhong, and Y. Liu  [Xplore Link]

Optimization Design Method of Tendon-Sheath Transmission Path Under Curvature Constraint

Y. Li, W. Lu, Y. Liu, D. Meng, X. Wang, and B. Liang  [Xplore Link]

LSTP: Long Short-Term Motion Planning for Legged and Legged-Wheeled Systems

E. Jelavic, K. Qu, F. Farshidian, and M. Hutter  [Xplore Link]

Localized and Incremental Probabilistic Inference for Large-Scale Networked Dynamical Systems

K. Matsuka and S.-J. Chung  [Xplore Link]

Wrench and Twist Capability Analysis for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Consideration of the Actuator Torque-Speed Relationship

N. F. Chan, W. Y. Lam, and D. Lau  [Xplore Link]

Continuous Occupancy Mapping in Dynamic Environments Using Particles

G. Chen, W. Dong, P. Peng, J. Alonso-Mora, and X. Zhu  [Xplore Link]

Smoothly Connected Preemptive Impact Reduction and Contact Impedance Control

H. Arita, H. Nakamura, T. Fujiki, and K. Tahara [Xplore Link]


Designing Robots for Reachability and Dexterity - Continuum Surgical Robots as a Pretext Application
K. Leibrandt, L. Da Cruz, and C. Bergeles  [Xplore Link]

An Efficient Paradigm for Feasibility Guarantees in Legged Locomotion
A. Abdalla, M. Focchi, R. Orsolino, and C. Semini   [Xplore Link]

Static Shape Control of Soft Continuum Robots using Deep Visual Inverse Kinematic Models
E. Almanzor, F. Ye, J. Shi, T. G. Thuruthel, H. A. Wurdemann, and F. Iida   [Xplore Link]

Toward Consistent and Efficient Map-based Visual-inertial Localization: Theory Framework and Filter Design
Z. Zhang, Y. Song, S. Huang, R. Xiong, and Y. Wang   [Xplore Link]

Cognitive Exercise for Persons with Alzheimers Disease and Related Dementia Using a Social Robot
F. Yuan, M. Boltz, D. Bilal, Y.-L. Jao, M. Crane, J. Duzan, A. Bahour, and X. Zhao  [Xplore Link]

Learning from Sparse Demonstrations
W. Jin, T. Murphey, D. Kulic, N. Ezer, and S. Mou   [Xplore Link]

Learning Stable Models for Prediction and Control
G. Mamakoukas, I. Abraham, and T. Murphey   [Xplore Link]

Learning from Human Directional Corrections
W. Jin, T. Murphey, Z. Lu, and S. Mou   [Xplore Link]

Robust Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous Robot Teams under Capability Uncertainty
B. Fu, W. Smith, D. M. Rizzo, M. P. Castanier, M. Ghaffari, and K. Barton   [Xplore Link]

Active-Cooling-in-the-Loop Controller Design and Implementation for an SMA-Driven Soft Robotic Tentacle
X. An, Y. Cui, H. Sun, Q. Shao, and H. Zhao   [Xplore Link]

Distributed Framework Matching
K. Cao, X. Li, and L. Xie   [Xplore Link]

CoPR: Towards Accurate Visual Localization With Continuous Place-descriptor Regression
M. Zaffar, L. Nan, and J. Kooij   [Xplore Link]

A Wearable Force-Sensitive and Body-Aware Exoprosthesis for a Transhumeral Prosthesis Socket
A. Toedtheide, E. P. Fortunić, J. Kuehn, E. R. Jensen, and S. Haddadin   [Xplore Link]

An On-wall-rotating Strategy for Effective Upstream Motion of Untethered Millirobot: Principle, Design and Demonstration
L. Yang, T. Zhang, H. Huang, H. Ren, W. Shang, and Y. Shen   [Xplore Link]

Lie Group Formulation and Sensitivity Analysis for Shape Sensing of Variable Curvature Continuum Robots with General String Encoder Routing
A. Orekhov, E. Ahronovich, and N. Simaan   [Xplore Link]

Quadruped Capturability and Push Recovery via a Switched-Systems Characterization of Dynamic Balance
H. Chen, Z. Hong, S. Yang, P. M. Wensing, and W. Zhang  [Xplore Link]

Noise Tolerant Identification and Tuning Approach Using Deep Neural Networks For Visual Servoing Applications
O. Abdul Hay, M. Chehadeh, A. Ayyad, M. Wahbah, M. A. Humais, I. Boiko, L. Seneviratne, and Y. Zweiri   [Xplore Link]

Probabilistic Semantic Data Association for Collaborative Human-Robot Sensing
S. Wakayama and N. Ahmed   [Xplore Link]

Robot Active Neural Sensing and Planning in Unknown Cluttered Environments
H. Ren and A. H. Qureshi  [Xplore Link]

Simulation, Learning, and Application of Vision-based Tactile Sensing at Large Scale
V. A. Ho, Q. K. Luu, and N. H. Nguyen   [Xplore Link]

Evaluation of a Fused Sonomyography and Electromyography-based Control on a Cable-Driven Ankle Exoskeleton
Q. Zhang, K. Lambeth, Z. Sun, A. Dodson, X. Bao, and N. Sharma   [Xplore Link]

Robot Programming by Demonstration: Trajectory Learning Enhanced by sEMG-based User Hand Stiffness Estimation
L. Biagiotti, R. Meattini, D. Chiaravalli, G. Palli, and C. Melchiorri   [Xplore Link]

Data-driven Modeling for Gait Phase Recognition in a Wearable Exoskeleton using Estimated Forces
K.-W. Park, J. Choi, and K. Kong   [Xplore Link]

Real-Time Gait Phase and Task Estimation for Controlling a Powered Ankle Exoskeleton on Extremely Uneven Terrain
R. L. Medrano, G. C. Thomas, C. G. Keais, E. J. Rouse, and R. D. Gregg   [Xplore Link]

BarrierNet: Differentiable Control Barrier Functions for Learning of Safe Robot Control
W. Xiao, T.-H. Wang, R. Hasani, M. Chahine, A. Amini, X. Li, and D. Rus   [Xplore Link]

Auxiliary Control to Avoid Undesirable Equilibria in Constrained Quadratic Programs for Trajectory Tracking Applications
M. Desai and A. Ghaffari   [Xplore Link]

The Design, Education and Evolution of a Robotic Baby
H. Zhu, S. Wilson, and E. Feron   [Xplore Link]

Spontaneous-Ordering Platoon Control for Multirobot Path Navigation Using Guiding Vector Fields
B. Hu, H.-T. Zhang, W. Yao, J. Ding, and M. Cao   [Xplore Link]

iSimLoc: Visual Global Localization for Previously Unseen Environments with Simulated Images
P. Yin, I. Cisneros, S. Zhao, J. Zhang, H. Choset, and S. Scherer   [Xplore Link]

Combined Admittance Control with Type II Singularity Evasion for Parallel Robots using Dynamic Movement Primitives
R. J. Escarabajal, J. L. Pulloquinga, A. Valera, V. Mata, M. Valles, and F. J. Castillo-García   [Xplore Link]

Close the Optical Sensing Domain Gap by Physics-Grounded Active Stereo Sensor Simulation
X. Zhang, R. Chen, A. Li, F. Xiang, Y. Qin, J. Gu, Z. Ling, M. Liu, P. Zeng, S. Han, Z. Huang, T. Mu, J. Xu, and H. Su   [Xplore Link]

Exploiting Kinematic Redundancy for Robotic Grasping of Multiple Objects
K. Yao and A. Billard   [Xplore Link]

Dynamic Optimization Fabrics for Motion Generation
M. Spahn, M. Wisse, and J. Alonso-Mora    [Xplore Link]

Cross Entropy Regularized Policy Gradient for Multirobot Non-Adversarial Moving Target Search
H. Guo, Z. Liu, R. Shi, W.-Y. Yau, and D. Rus   [Xplore Link]

DRL-VO: Learning to Navigate Through Crowded Dynamic Scenes Using Velocity Obstacles
Z. Xie and P. Dames   [Xplore Link]

Inverse-Dynamics MPC via Nullspace Resolution
C. Mastalli, S. P. Chhatoi, T. Corbères, S. Tonneau, and S. Vijayakumar   [Xplore Link]

Certifiable Object Pose Estimation: Foundations, Learning Models, and Self-Training
R. Talak, L. Peng, and L. Carlone   [Xplore Link]

On the Comparability and Optimal Aggressiveness of the Adversarial Scenario-based Safety Testing of Robots
B. Weng, G. Castillo, W. Zhang, and A. Hereid   [Xplore Link]

Vertical Jump of a Humanoid Robot with CoP-guided Angular Momentum Control and Impact Absorption
H. Qi, X. Chen, Z. Yu, G. Huang, Y. Liu, L. Meng, and Q. Huang   [Xplore Link]

Robotic Rotational Positioning of End-Effectors for Micromanipulation
S. Zhuang; C. Dai; G. Shan; C. Ru; Z. Zhang; Y. Sun  [Xplore Link] 

Shape Tracking and Feedback Control of Cardiac Catheter Using MRI-guided Robotic Platform - Validation with Pulmonary Vein Isolation Simulator in MRI
Z. Dong; X. Wang G. Fang; Z. He; J. D.-L. Ho; C. L. Cheung; W. L. Tang; X. Xie; L. Liang; H.-C.Chang; C. K. Ching; K.-W. Kwok.   [Xplore Link]

Powered Knee and Ankle Prosthesis with Adaptive Control Enables Climbing Stairs with Different Stair Heights, Cadences, and Gait Patterns
S. Hood; L. Gabert; T. Lenzi.  [Xplore Link]

Mean Field Behaviour of Collaborative Multi-Agent Foragers
D. Jarne Ornia; P. J. Zufiria; M. Mazo Jr.   [Xplore Link]

DiffCo: Auto-Differentiable Proxy Collision Detection with Multi-class Labels for Safety-Aware Trajectory Optimization
Y. Zhi; N. Das; M. C. Yip.  [Xplore Link]

RBO Hand 3 - A Platform for Soft Dexterous Manipulation
S. Puhlmann; J. Harris; O. Brock.  [Xplore Link]

Robotic Manipulation of Sperm as a Deformable Linear Object
C. Dai; G. Shan; H. Liu; C. Ru; Y. Sun.  [Xplore Link]


Risk-Aware Submodular Optimization for Multi-Robot Coordination
L. Zhou; P. Tokekar.  [Xplore Link]


A Decentralized Multi-Robot Spatio-Temporal Multi-Task Assignment Approach for Perimeter Defense
S. Velhal; S. Sundaram; S. Narasimman.  [Xplore Link]


Geometrically Constrained Trajectory Optimization for Multicopters
Z. Wang; X. Zhou; C. Xu; F. Gao.  [Xplore Link]


Fast and Robust Inverse Kinematics of Serial Robots using Halley's Method
S. Lloyd; R. Irani; M. Ahmadi.  [Xplore Link]


Neuromechanical Model-based Adaptive Control of Bi-lateral Ankle Exoskeletons: Biological Joint Torque and Electromyogram Reduction Across Walking Conditions
G. Durandau; W. F. Rampeltshammer; H. Van der Kooij; M. Sartori.  [Xplore Link]


So-EAGlove: VR Haptic Glove Rendering Softness Sensation with Force-tunable Electrostatic Adhesive Brakes
Q. Xiong; X. Liang; D. Wei; H. Wang; T. WANG; R. Zhu; J. Mao; H. Wang.  [Xplore Link]


Design, Development, and Control of a Hand/Wrist Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation and Training
M. Dragusanu; M. Z. Iqbal; T. Lisini Baldi; D. Prattichizzo; M. Malvezzi.  [Xplore Link]


Model Predictive Contouring Control for Time-Optimal Quadrotor Flight
A. Romero; S. Sun; P. Foehn; D. Scaramuzza   [Xplore Link]


Learning to Play Table Tennis From Scratch using Muscular Robots
D. Büchler; S. Guist; R. Calandra; V. Berenz; B. Schölkopf; J. Peters.  [Xplore Link]


A Comparative Study of Nonlinear MPC and Differential-Flatness-Based Control for Quadrotor Agile Flight
S. Sun; A. Romero; P. Foehn; E. Kaufmann; D. Scaramuzza.  [Xplore Link]


Autonomous Navigation in Unknown Environments with Sparse Bayesian Kernel-based Occupancy Mapping
T. Duong; M. C. Yip; N. Atanasov.  [Xplore Link]


Directional Sensor Planning for Occlusion Avoidance
J. Gemerek; B. Fu; Y. Chen; Z. Liu; M. Zheng; D. van Wijk; S. Ferrari.  [Xplore Link]


A Generalized Framework for Concentric Tube Robot Design Using Gradient-Based Optimization
J.-T. Lin; C. Girerd; J. Yan; J. T. Hwang; T. K. Morimoto   [Xplore Link]


Model-Based Policy Search Using Monte Carlo Gradient Estimation with Real Systems Application
D. Romeres; F. Amadio; A. Dalla Libera; R. Antonello; D. Nikovski; R. Carli   [Xplore Link]


An Energy based Control Architecture for Shared Autonomy
F. Benzi; F. Ferraguti; G. Riggio; C. Secchi   [Xplore Link]


Adaptive Constrained Kinematic Control using Partial or Complete Task-Space Measurements
M. Marques Marinho; B. V. Adorno  [Xplore Link]


Closed-Loop Motion Control of Robotic Swarms A Tether-Based Strategy
K. Eshaghi; A. Rogers; G. Nejat; B. Benhabib   [Xplore Link]


Bidirectional Sampling-Based Motion Planning Without Two-Point Boundary Value Solution
S. Nayak; M. W. Otte   [Xplore Link]


Energy Aware Impedance Control of a Flying End-effector in the Port-Hamiltonian Framework
R. Rashad, Ramy; D. Bicego; J. Zult, Jelle; S. Sanchez-Escalonilla; R. Jiao; A. Franchi; S. Stramigioli  [Xplore Link]


SOFT2: Stereo Visual Odometry for Road Vehicles based on a Point-to-Epipolar-Line Metric
I. Cvišić; I. Markovic; I. Petrovic  [Xplore Link]


Elastic-actuation Mechanism for Repetitive Hopping Based on Power Modulation and Cyclic Trajectory Generation
W. D. Shin; W. Stewart; M. Estrada; A. Ijspeert; D. Floreano   [Xplore Link]


Controlling Collision-Induced Aggregations in a Swarm of Micro Bristle-Robots
Z. Hao; S. Mayya; G. Notomista; S. Hutchinson; M. Egerstedt; A. Ansari   [Xplore Link]


Design of a New Bio-Inspired Dual-Axis Compliant Micromanipulator with Millimeter Strokes
Z. Lyu; Q. Xu   [Xplore Link]


A Multi-DoF Exoskeleton Haptic Device for the Grasping of a Compliant Object Adapting to a User's Motion Using Jamming Transitions
R. Michikawa; T. Endo; F. Matsuno   [Xplore Link]


Kinematic Redundancy Analysis for (2n+1)R Circular Manipulators
Z. Li; M. Brandstötter; M. Hofbaur   [Xplore Link]


Multitask Learning for Scalable and Dense Multilayer Bayesian Map Inference
L. Gan; Y. Kim; J. W. Grizzle; J. Walls; A. Kim; R. Eustice; M. Ghaffari   [Xplore Link]


On the Workspace of Electromagnetic Navigation Systems
Q. Boehler; S. Gervasoni; S. L. Charreyron; C. Chautems; B. J. Nelson   [Xplore Link]


Self-triggered Coverage Control for Mobile Sensors
E. J. Rodriguez-Seda; X. Xu; J. M. Olm; A. Doria-Cerezo; Y. Diaz-Mercado   [Xplore Link]


Power-based Velocity-domain Variable Structure Passivity Signature Control for Physical Human-(Tele) Robot Interaction
P. Paik; S. Thudi; S. F. Atashzar   [Xplore Link]


Long-Horizon Multi-Robot Rearrangement Planning for Construction Assembly
V. N. Hartmann; A. Orthey; D. Driess; O. S. Oguz; M. Toussain    [Xplore Link]


An Anthropomorphic Robotic Finger with Innate Human-finger-like Biomechanical Advantages Part I: Design, Ligamentous Joint and Extensor Mechanism
Y. Zhu; G. Wei; L. Ren; Z. Luo; J. Shang   [Xplore Link]


An Anthropomorphic Robotic Finger with Innate Human-finger-like Biomechanical Advantages Part II: Flexible Tendon Sheath and Grasping Demonstration
Y. Zhu; G. Wei; L. Ren; Z. Luo; J. Shang   [Xplore Link]


A Novel Scaffold Reinforced Actuator With Tunable Attitude Ability for Grasping
P. Jiang; J. Luo; J. Li; M. Z. Q. Chen; Y. Chen; Y. Yang; R. Chen   [Xplore Link]


Simultaneous Online Registration-Independent Stiffness Identification and Tip Localization of Surgical Instruments in Robot-assisted Eye Surgery
A. Ebrahimi; S. Sefati; P. Gehlbach; R. H. Taylor; I. I. Iordachita   [Xplore Link]


An Investigation on the Effect of Actuation Pattern on the Power Consumption of Legged Robots for Extraterrestrial Exploration
Y. Hu; W. Z. Guo; R. Lin   [Xplore Link]


Reduced Euler-Lagrange Equations of Floating-base Robots: Computation, Properties & Applications
H. Mishra; G. Garofalo; A. M. Giordano; M. De Stefano; C. Ott; A. Kugi   [Xplore Link]


Kinegami: Algorithmic Design of Compliant Kinematic Chains from Tubular Origami
W.-H. Chen; W. Yang; L. Peach; D. Koditschek; C. Sung    [Xplore Link]


Object Detection Using Sim2Real Domain Randomization for Robotic Applications
D. Horváth; G. Erdos; Z. Istenes; T. Horvath; S. Földi    [Xplore Link]


ASRO-DIO: Active Subspace Random Optimization based Depth Inertial Odometry
J. Zhang; Y. Tang; H. Wang; K. Xu   [Xplore Link]


Collaborative Magnetic Manipulation via Two Robotically-Actuated Permanent Magnets
G. Pittiglio; M. Brockdorff; T. da Veiga; J. Davy; J. H. Chandler; P. Valdastri   [Xplore Link]


An Unconstrained Convex Formulation of Compliant Contact
A. Castro; F. Permenter; X. Han    [Xplore Link]


Closing the Planning-Learning Loop with Application to Autonomous Driving
P. Cai; D. Hsu   [Xplore Link]


Bounds on Optimal Revisit Times in Persistent Monitoring Missions with a Distinct & Remote Service Station   
S. K. K. Hari; S. Rathinam; S. Darbha; K. Kalyanam; S. G. Manyam; D. Casbeer   [Xplore Link]


Probabilistic Framework for Hand-Eye and Robot-World Calibration AX=YB
J. Ha    [Xplore Link]


Multi-Robot Pickup and Delivery via Distributed Resource Allocation
A. Camisa; A. Testa; G. Notarstefano    [Xplore Link]


High-Performance Six-DOF Flight Control of the Bee++: An Inclined-Stroke-Plane Approach
R. Bena; X. Yang; A. Calderon; N. O. Perez-Arancibia    [Xplore Link]


A Geometrically-Exact Assumed Strain Modes Approach for the Geometrico- and Kinemato-static Modellings of Continuum Parallel Robots
S. Briot; F. Boyer   [Xplore Link]


Design, Control, and Experimental Evaluation of a Novel Robotic Glove System for Patients with Brachial Plexus Injuries
W. Xu; Y. Guo; C. Bravo; P. Ben-Tzvi    [Xplore Link]


Shape Sensing of Flexible Robots based on Deep Learning
X. T. Ha; D. Wu; M. Ourak; G. Borghesan; J. Dankelman; A. Menciassi; E. B. Vander Poorten   [Xplore Link]


ViTAL: Vision-Based Terrain-Aware Locomotion for Legged Robots
S. Fahmi; V. Barasuol; D. Esteban; O. A. Villarreal Magaña; C. Semini   [Xplore Link]


Efficient Anytime CLF Reactive Planning System for a Bipedal Robot on Undulating Terrain
J.-K. Huang; J. W. Grizzle   [Xplore Link]


Active Inference and Behavior Trees for Reactive Action Planning and Execution in Robotics
C. Pezzato; C. Hernández; S. Bonhof; M. Wisse    [Xplore Link]


Haptify: a Measurement-Based Benchmarking System for Grounded Force-Feedback Devices
F. Fazlollahi; K. J. Kuchenbecker     [Xplore Link]


Statics and Dynamics of Continuum Robots Based on Cosserat Rods and Optimal Control Theories
F. Boyer; V. Lebastard; F. Candelier; F. Renda; M. Alamir    [Xplore Link]


Interaction Control of a Robotic Manipulator with the Surface of Deformable Object
A. Dometios; C. S. Tzafestas    [Xplore Link]


Kinetostatic Modeling of Tendon-Driven Parallel Continuum Robots
S. Lilge; J. Burgner-Kahrs   [Xplore Link]


Large-Dimensional Multibody Dynamics Simulation Using Contact Nodalization and Diagonalization
J. Lee; M. Lee; D. Lee   [Xplore Link]


Deep Learning Reactive Robotic Grasping with a Versatile Vacuum Gripper
H. Zhang; J. Peeters; E. Demeester; K. Kellens    [Xplore Link]


Data-Driven Variable Impedance Control of a Powered Knee-Ankle Prosthesis for Adaptive Speed and Incline Walking
T. Best; C. G. Welker; E. Rouse; R. D. Gregg    [Xplore Link]


Improving Self-Consistency in Underwater Mapping through Laser-Based Loop Closure
T. Hitchcox; J. R. Forbes    [Xplore Link]


Maximum-Entropy Multi-Agent Dynamic Games: Forward and Inverse Solutions
N. Mehr; M. Wang; M. Bhatt; M. Schwager    [Xplore Link]


BiConMP: A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Framework for Whole Body Motion Planning
A. Meduri; P. Shah; J. Viereck; M. Khadiv; I. Havoutis; L. Righetti   [Xplore Link]

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