The magazine tutorials cover important and topical issues in robotics and are written by leading experts in the field. They are in the top downloads charts and receive many citations, meaning they have clearly an important role for our society. They are often written from a position that a new researcher, by following the tutorial, is offered a quick and efficient path to state of the art tools useful for his or her research or development.

With the vision for reproducible research in mind, we aim that the tutorial should contain sufficient details (including datasets and software preferable offered over codeocean.com), so the complete tutorial can be reproduced and the gained knowledge can be experimented with and enhanced for further use.

Since the number of pages per article is limited since it is in print, we aim for tutorials written in two parts.

The first part should present a high-level view of the methodology employed, why the tutorial is relevant for the community. This part should be laid out in a concise and clear fashion (magazine style with reduced paper length and number of equations) so everyone should be able to read and understand it. Interested readers can than drill down into the details of the analysis by placing all details, step-by-step procedures in the online supplementary material (which does not has a page limit). As such we aim to find a balance between readability and reproducibility.

Recent tutorials include:

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