TEP Hosting Guidelines

The RAS-TEP program is jointly run by the Education Activities Board (EAB) and the Technical Activities Board (TAB). The program is intended to sponsor or co-sponsor up to three summer schools per year around the world. Summer Schools will be sponsored in each of the RAS Geographic Areas (GAs), pending affirmative proposals. Each Summer School will be funded up to $25,000.00.

Speaker Selection Guidelines (selecting diverse speakers, and established RAS members)

  • Speaker compensation
  • Broaden the participation of the speakers, across geographical regions, seniority, and diversity
    • Consider a call for speakers to broaden a participation.
    • Consider the travel grants for the speakers.
    • Consider guest lectures remotely. New pedagogic technology in teaching. Making exercises and material available online.

Advertising Practices (making sure RAS members are engaged)

  • Mailing lists: euro-distro, robotics-worldwide, <toplical>, TC-related mailing lists, research experience for undergrad and other channels that broaden the participation
  • RAS website
  • Student advertising activities
  • Timing
    • Confirmed speakers: year ahead of time
    • Program finalized: 6 months
    • Call for participation: 6 months
    • Early registrations: 3-6 months before
    • Travel grants applications: 3-6 months before
    • Travel grants notification: needs to be complete before end of early registration
    • Registration: ….

Funding (any other lessons learned and guidelines from the previous educational activities)

  • Offer merit-based travel awards
  • Offer discounts for the RAS members

Participants Practices

  • Consider remote participation to broaden the audience.
  • Collect the contact information on the participants
  • Assessment on the effectiveness. Post assessment, ideally immediately after, 6 months, and a year after the program. What approvals are needed to do this and under whose purview this needs to come from (institution or IEEE).
  • Maximize the reach within the IEEE RAS student population.


  • Information on travel, visa, etc.
  • Suggestion on the lodging. The lodging needs to have an easy accessible way to get to the site.
  • Holding the program at an University helps with the cost.


  • After completion of the Technical Education Program, the TEP organizer must report program outcomes using this form.

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