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ICRA 2021 Plenary Panel: Synergies between Automation and Robotics

In the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, robotics and automation have always been siblings. They are similar in many ways and have substantial overlap in topics and research communities, but there are also differences -- many RAS members view them as disjoint and consider themselves purely in robotics or purely in automation. Our goal is to reconsider these perceptions and think about ways we can bring these communities closer. 


Introducing the Committee to Explore Synergies in Automation and Robotics (CESAR):
Moderator: Ken Goldberg
Seth Hutchinson: RAS Perspective, 1980's to the present 
Maria Pia Fanti: Senior Perspective 
Peter B. Luh: Senior Perspective 
Pieter Abbeel: Mid-Career Perspective 
Kaneko Harada: Mid-Career Perspective 
Michael Y. Wang: T-ASE Perspective 
Kevin Lynch, T-RO Perspective 
Chinwe Ekenna: Junior Perspective 
Animesh Garg: Junior Perspective 
Frank Park: RAS Perspective 2022-2023

RAS Soft Robotics Podcast

      This podcast is dedicated to the soft robotics community and audience who are interested in soft robotics technology. We interview guests from both academia and industry where we discuss their latest research besides highlighting the challenges that face soft robotics in the academic and industrial worlds. Since technology should interact with not only scientists, we are also interviewing philosophers, kids and laypeople how they feel and think about robotics.




North American Summer School on Surgical Robotics

21-25 July 2014 - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA) USA
Video Content - Individual lectures



RAS Technical Committee Overview


RAS Webinars

The Power of Presentations: Make Yours Informative, Persuasive, & Memorable

Held Wednesday, 10 April 17:00 –18:00 (GMT -4:00)

•Many engineers experience a kind of stage fright when they make presentations in front of groups, whether small or large. Their hands shake, their palms sweat, and they have a tendency to rock back and forth. But they may think there is nothing they can do about these physical tics.
•The success of an oral presentation depends on both the clear verbal information conveyed by the presenter and on the clear visual information conveyed by graphs, charts, tables, and other visuals. Unfortunately poor visuals can cause confusion when the presenter ignores the conventions of displaying information.
•How do you present technical information to non-technical people? Many engineers are tempted to “dumb down” technical content for non-engineers, often creating over-simplified presentations that insult the audience.
The Power of Presentations is a webinar designed to help you address these issues.

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Improving Workplace Email Using the STOP Method

Held Thrusday, 30 May 19:00 - 20:00 (GMT -4:00)

Email: it’s the first thing we check in the morning, probably before we even get to the office, and it rules our actions throughout the day. But despite the importance of email, we don’t spend much time considering how to make it more effective at accomplishing our goals. In fact, some of the email we receive is so confusing and poorly written, we may have a difficult time understanding exactly what the message is and what the writer wants. The STOP Method is designed to help you improve your email through four concrete strategies. This webinar will introduce you to the STOP method and give you opportunities to improve your email every day. Dr. Julia Williams will offer examples of poor email and identify the elements that contribute to its ineffectiveness.

The goal of this webinar is to provide you with easy-to-use tools that will make a difference in your email right away!

Download Slides from the Presentation
View the webinar recording.

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