Special Issues

Proposing a Special Issue

If you have an idea for a special issue please submit a proposal with the following details to ieeerameic@gmail.com.

Each Special Issue proposal (2-3 pages max) should typically include:

  • A summary explaining the scope, maturity, and significance of the proposed theme in general, and also with specific reference to the IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine (RAM) scope (i.e. why do you expect the Special Issue will attract papers that fit well into RAM). This proposal may include a summary of what authors may reasonably be expected to submit papers, pointers at other publications or conferences that might constitute evidence of "maturity," a list of people who might be invited to submit papers, and other similar material. The primary intent of this summary should be to provide the editorial team with a clear rationale for choosing this topic. One important aspect is to demonstrate that no other journals in the robotics and automation field are already running special issues on same or very similar topic. Authors of proposals should be cautioned against actually pre-inviting papers.
  • A proposed call for papers (1 page) including the topic, a short rationale for the topic, and a proposed timeline (submission date for papers and the issue date) - dates, of course, may get modified before the call is published). The call for papers shall adequately take into account the RAM scope and the type of papers that are typically published on the magazine (real world robotics, deployment to application of basic findings, etc.)
  • (Optional) Suggestions for who might edit the special issue. If the proposed Guest Editor(s) is an author of the proposal, a short bio-sketch should be included with the proposal, together with a listing of who else might be an appropriate choice. In any case, a short (1-2 sentence) explanation of why each candidate would be a good choice should be included.

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