Human-Centered and Life-like Robotics Cluster Forum

RAS TC Human-Centered and Life-Like Cluster Forum at ICRA 2024

Tuesday, May 14th, 7 - 9 PM at Annex Hall Room 203

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We announce the Cluster Forum on "Telepresence in Robotics" at ICRA 2024, jointly organized by the IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics and the IEEE Technical Committee on Telerobotics. This forum aims to explore the exciting field of telepresence in robotics and its profound implications for both technology and society. Telepresence in robotics stands at the intersection of cutting-edge technological advancements and the evolving needs of a digital society.


As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the demand for seamless remote interaction and operation grows rapidly.


The choice of "Telepresence in Robotics" as the central theme underscores the growing relevance of teleoperated systems in advancing robotics capabilities. This focus not only addresses scientific and technical challenges in teleoperation but also highlights the potential societal impact by enabling safer and more efficient human-robot cooperation. Embracing telepresence in robotics can lead to breakthroughs in areas like telemedicine, disaster response, and space exploration, offering innovative solutions to complex problems while enhancing human experiences and capabilities through robotic technologies.


The selection of this theme for the cluster forum reflects a forward-looking approach that recognizes the transformative power of telepresence technologies in shaping the future of robotics and fostering positive impacts on society at large.








        [19:00 - 19:05] Opening

        [19:05 - 19:30] Plenary 1: Title TBD

        [19:30 - 19:55] Plenary 2: Title TBD

        [19:55 - 20:20] Plenary 3: Title TBD

        [20:20 - 20:50] Plenary 4: Title TBD

        [20:50 - 21:00] Closing

        Food and drinks will be provided.




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