Coming Soon: IEEE Transactions on Field Robotics (T-FR)

RAS is set to launch a new hybrid journal in 2024: IEEE Transactions on Field Robotics (T-FR). Like its predecessor, the independent journal Field Robotics, T-FR will provide a home for important robotics work that supports the effective deployment of robotic technologies in settings that have been historically challenging. T-FR emphasizes evaluation `in the wild’ where systems are tested in difficult, unstructured, often outdoors conditions. Ideally, test results are from the final target environment (e.g., a visual odometry paper based on actual data from Mars). Additionally, T-FR provides a publication venue for higher technology readiness level (TRL) work than other top robotics journals, and T-FR only publishes a theory paper when it is paired with significant field testing to back up the claims and test underlying assumptions. The periodical scope is below. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks and months!


IEEE Transactions on Field Robotics (T-FR) focuses on robotics designed to operate in unstructured environments. Papers should describe the application of technologies such as sensing, design, computing architectures, communication, and learning to unstructured domains such as construction, agriculture, mining, space, and search and rescue. Meta-studies and reproducibility analyses of previously published results are encouraged as well as reports of extended field experiments that validate fielded autonomous systems. T-FR will not publish articles in which experimental validation is restricted to simulation or controlled laboratory experiments.

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