Pre-College Resources

The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society focuses on reaching future generations beginning at the university level through our Student Branch Chapters and Student Activities Committee. However, there are often inquires as to how to empower even younger generations with an early look at the robotics and automation field.  If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, please see the following suggestions:

  • To become a “robotics engineer," the usual approach is to major in one of the related engineering programs at a university.  These are electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science and engineering.
  • To prepare for an engineering major in college, a high school student should take courses in physics, chemistry, and calculus.
  • Students who major in electrical and computer engineering can take basic and elective courses in systems and control, microprocessor-based design, computer programming, image processing, and computer vision, as well as robotics courses.  Courses in other majors include mechanical design and control, modeling and simulation, and artificial intelligence.
  • Some community colleges in the US offer associates degree programs in automation and robotics for those who are more interested in technology programs with less emphasis on advanced mathematics and physics.
  • In many states of the US and other countries, high school students can get involved in robot competitions such as the FIRST Robotics program (

For resources closer to you, please contact an RAS Chapter or Student Branch Chapter.

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