Conference Finance Committee (CAB-F)

This committee shall report to the Vice President for Conference Activities and be composed of the Associate Vice President for CAB Finance, the past, current and future ICRA finance chairs, the past, current and future IROS finance chairs. The Vice President of CAB, the President of RAS and the IEEE RAS Program specialist are ex-officio members.

The Conference Finance Committee (CAB-F) reviews sponsorship requests and monitors ongoing conferences. The Conference Finance Committee is in charge of acquiring the appropriate documentation for each conference and to start the CAB approval process. At the annual meetings, the Associate Vice President for Conference Finances presents the list of conferences requesting sponsorship and illustrates the documentation presented.


Associate Vice President - Conference Finance

Jianwei Zhang portrait
Jianwei Zhang
Associate Vice President- Conference Finance
University of Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany


Brittany Duncan portrait
Brittany Duncan
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Paolo Fiorini portrait
Paolo Fiorini
University of Verona
Verona, Italy
Venkat Krovi portrait
Venkat Krovi
Clemson University
Clemson (SC), USA
Hiromi Mochiyama portrait
Hiromi Mochiyama
University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba, Japan
Pietro Valdastri portrait
Pietro Valdastri
University of Leeds
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Vice President - Conferences

Darwin Caldwell portrait
Darwin Caldwell
VP of Conference Activities
Italian Institute of Technology
Genova, Italy

RAS President

Aude Billard portrait
Aude Billard
Lausanne, Switzerland

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