IEEE Council Representatives

IEEE Technical Councils are groups of Societies working together in broad areas of technology. Technical Councils sponsor member activities such as technical meetings, publishing, promoting educational activities, and developing standards. While they do not have individual members, their membership consists of the IEEE Societies. IEEE Robotics & Automation Society is a member of four IEEE Councils with one or two representatives sitting on the Administrative Committee (AdCom) of the Council. The Councils are as follows:



Bill Hamel portrait
Bill Hamel
IEEE Biometrics Council Representative
University of Tennessee
Knoxville (TN), United States


Li Zhang portrait
Li Zhang
IEEE Nanotechnology Council Representative 19-20
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China


Lixin Dong portrait
Lixin Dong
IEEE Nanotechnology Council Representative 16-19
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Kaspar Althoefer portrait
Kaspar Althoefer
IEEE Sensors Council Representative
Queen Mary University of London
London, UK


Jose Contreras-Vidal portrait
Jose Contreras-Vidal
IEEE Systems Council 2017-2018
University of Houston
Houston (TX), USA


Jose Azorin portrait
Jose Azorin
IEEE Systems Council 2016-2017
Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche
Elche, Spain

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