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RAM 30.2 FrontCoverThe Magazine (RAM) publishes technical articles of interest to the international robotics and automation community. The magazine has over 12,000 readers and is consistently ranked by Thomson's Journal Citation Reports (JCR) as one of the most highly ranked publication in both Robotics (#5) and Automation & Control (#15) categories, with an impact factor of 5.143 in 2020. The magazine publishes four issues per year: March, June, September and December.

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The magazine tutorials cover important and topical issues in robotics and are written by leading experts in the field. 

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 Recent Special Issues

Machine Learning for Industry 4.0 JUNE 2023
Homecare Robots MARCH 2023
Biomimetic Perception, Cognition, and Control: From Nature to Robots DECEMBER 2022
Blockchain Applications in Robotics and Automation JUNE 2022
Extended Reality in Robotics MARCH 2022
Autonomous Vehicle: Artificial Intelligence and Model based techniques in Decision and Control DECEMBER 2021
Robotics response for the COVID-19 outbreak MARCH 2021
Design Optimization of Soft Robots DECEMBER 2020
Deep Learning and Machine Learning in Real World Scenarios JUNE 2020
Wearable Robotics for Industrial and Civilian Applications MARCH 2020
Humanoid robot applications in real world scenarios DECEMBER 2019
Socially Assistive Robotics JUNE 2019 
Robots for in-situ interventions: From innovative approaches to industrial applications MARCH 2019
Robotic Technologies for Infrastructure maintenance  DECEMBER 2018
Human-Robot Collaboration for Production Environments JUNE 2018
Socio-ethical Approaches to Robotics Development  MARCH 2018
Cybathlon DECEMBER 2017
The Surgical Robot Challenge JUNE 2017
The Open Source Movement MARCH 2017
Soft Robotics and Morphological Computation SEPTEMBER 2016
Educational Robotics JUNE 2016
Bioinspired Motor Control MARCH 2016
Replicable and Measurable Robotics Research SEPTEMBER 2015
Emerging Advances and Applications in Automation JUNE 2015
Wearable Robotics DECEMBER 2014
Advances in Probabilistic Modeling: Applications of Stochastic Geometry JUNE 2014
Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles MARCH 2014



The IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine is a unique technology publication which is peer-reviewed, readable and substantive. The Magazine is a forum for articles which fall between the academic and theoretical orientation of scholarly journals and vendor sponsored trade publications.

The IEEE Transactions on Robotics and the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering publish advances in theory and experiment that underpin the science of robotics and automation. The Magazine complements these publications and seeks to present new scientific results to the practicing engineer through a focus on working systems and emphasizing creative solutions to real-world problems and highlighting implementation details.

The Magazine publishes regular technical articles that undergo a peer review process overseen by the Magazine's associate editors; special issues on important and emerging topics in which all articles are fully reviewed but managed by guest editors; tutorial articles written by leading experts in their field; and regular columns on topics including education, industry news, IEEE RAS news, technical and regional activity and a calendar of events.

Electronic Delivery

The magazine can be subscribed to in paper or electronic form. The electronic issue is delivered by means of an email containing a weblink to read the magazine online in the browser or download it as a PDF file. This can be read with a PDF browsers on a desktop or tablet computer. Choice of subscription format is made when you renew your IEEE and RAS membership.


Presenting Your Robotics & Automation Magazine Paper at IEEE RAS Conferences

Any IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine (RAM) paper, may be presented at one of the upcoming conferences of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS): IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), and IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), provided most of the key ideas of the paper have never appeared at a conference with a published proceedings (i.e., the paper is a “new” paper and not the evolved version of a previous conference paper or papers).

Authors of accepted RAM papers will be given the option to select a conference at which they wish to present. Authors can present at only one conference and therefore will only be able to select one of the following options. Conference options will be open for a period of time only and will close a month before the Senior Program Committee Meeting of each conference.

- ICRA 20xx+1: To be eligible for ICRA 20xx+1, your paper’s final accepted manuscript must be submitted to RAM for proofing between March 1, 20xx, and November 30, 20xx.

- IROS 20xx+1: To be eligible for IROS 20xx+1, your paper’s final accepted manuscript must be submitted to RAM for proofing between August 1, 20xx, and April 30, 20xx+1.

- CASE 20xx+1: To be eligible for CASE 20xx+1, your paper’s final accepted manuscript must be submitted to RAM for proofing between August 1, 20xx and April 30, 20xx+1.

Authors may not request any acceleration or delay of the review process based on these criteria.

Authors of eligible papers will be notified within the PaperCept submission platform and can determine their interest in presenting at a conference. Eligible papers may only be presented at one conference.

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