Submission Procedures

The IEEE Robotics & Automation magazine handles only electronic submissions of papers through the RAM Papercept site.

Manuscripts should be original, previously unpublished work, and not simultaneously under consideration for publication elsewhere. The material, if accepted, should be properly available for general dissemination to the readership. It is the responsibility of the authors, not the IEEE, to determine whether disclosure of their material requires the prior consent of other parties and, if so, to obtain it. If authors make use of charts, photographs, or other graphical or textual material from previously published material, the authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to use the material in the manuscript.

The IEEE and the Robotics & Automation magazine support the evolutionary publication paradigm, in which early versions of a work may have appeared in conferences. Submission of expanded/improved material from previous conference papers is allowed, provided that the sources are indicated during the submission procedure, they are explicitly cited in the manuscript, and that differences/changes/additions are discussed in the text of the paper. If the copyright holder of the conference paper is not IEEE, authors should also be aware of potential copyright infringement in case of major overlapping with the submitted paper.

Prepare your paper in the form of a self-contained pdf file (with the extension .pdf).  The maximal file size is 2 MB.

  • Follow the link Log in and log in with your PIN (or Login alias) and password. See the section PIN and Login Alias if you do not have a PIN and password.
  • On your Access page, use the link Test your PDF manuscript file before submission to check that your file is compliant.
  • On your Access page, follow the link Submit a new paper to IEEE-RAM.
  • Choose the kind of submission and follow the menus.  For a special issue, choose the appropriate Guest editor in the submission page. In all other cases submit to the Editor in Chief.
  • Complete the required steps
  • If you have coauthors then you will be asked to enter their PINs. You may look up these PINs on the spot, or create new PINs for them if necessary. Nevertheless it might be a good idea to check ahead of time with your coauthors if they already have PINs, and to ask them to register their PINs themselves if they do not.
  • You must submit a copyright release before the paper can be sent out for review.
  • After successfully submitting the paper you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail
  • You may expect to see the status of your paper change over time from "Received" to "Under review" and eventually to "Decision pending." You may also update your contact information whenever necessary.

Option to Submit Your Data via IEEE DataPort

RAS authors now have an option to submit their research data to IEEE DataPort during the article submittal process and link the data to their submitted article. This supports research reproducibility and enables the author to store and manage their research data. If data is submitted and the article is published in Xplore, there will be a "Datasets Available" icon and a link to the dataset for Xplore readers. Contact if you have questions about submitting your data.

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