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The Industrial Activities Board of IEEE’s Robotics and Automation Society provides an up to date resource list of various robotics, AIS and AI roadmaps, national or otherwise. This initiative will allow us all to access the best robotics commercialization advice from around the world, to be able to compare and contrast various initiatives and their regional effectiveness, and to provide guidance for countries and companies without their own robotics roadmaps.

AIS or A/IS stands for autonomous intelligent systems, and alongside AI, drones and driverless vehicles, has become another place where robotics strategies are stored.

Another issue making it harder to find recent robotics roadmaps is the subsumption of robotics into the AI landscape, at least in some national directives. Or it may appear not as robotics but as ‘AIS’, standing for Autonomous Intelligent Systems, such as in the work of OCEANIS, the Open Community for Ethics in Autonomous aNd Intelligent Systems, which hosts a global standards repository. And finally there are subcategories of robotics, ie Autonomous Vehicles, or Self Driving Cars, or Drones, or Surgical Robotics, all of which may have their own roadmaps. This is not an exhaustive list, but with your help we can continue to evolve it.

The IEEE RAS IAB Roadmap Database is maintained by Hallie Siegel, Managing Director of Strategy & Partnerships at University of Toronto Robotics Institute and Andra Keay, VP Global Robotics of the Association of Manufacturing Technology and Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics.



Do you know of robotics roadmaps not yet included? Please share them with us. 


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