IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics & Bionics

The IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics is a multi-disciplinary journal publishing papers reporting high-quality research in the fields of robotics and of bionics applied to medicine. The IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics publishes articles on theoretical, methodological, experimental advancements focusing on healthcare applications of robotic and\or of bionic components and systems able to support prevention, diagnosis or treatment of human diseases. Such systems can be based on robotics and automation technology-related paradigms ( e.g. surgical robots, devices for physical and cognitive rehabilitation, supporting systems for independent living, etc.), on bionics paradigms ( e.g. medical systems which mimic living organisms or technologies that intimately interact with the human body), or on the combinations of them, e.g. robotic artificial organs and other active implantable devices featuring direct interfaces to the human body.

The Transactions also welcomes survey and commentary papers providing: critical, systematic review of research areas and trends within its scope; evidence-based studies on early clinical validation, and contributions on early ethical, social, economical, organizational impact assessment, of novel robotic and\or bionic solutions for medical and healthcare applications.

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