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From 26 Sep, 2013 09:00 until 26 Sep, 2013 10:00

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Title: Guidance of Autonomous Tractor With Four Wheel Steering

Speaker: Timo Oksanen, Aalto University, Finland

Abstract: A tractor with four wheel steering has two degrees of freedoms to be controlled by the guidance system. This allows for more accurate path following compared to conventional steering but requires more advanced control methods than target point methods. In Finland, an autonomous tractor with four wheel steering was developed. The large scale tractor was used with a hitch mounted seed drill to sow several hectares with guidance accuracy better than ±5 cm. Besides four wheel guidance, this presentation discusses challenges related to guidance systems in agricultural field robots.

Bio: Dr. Timo Oksanen received the M.Sc. (tech) degree from the Automation and Systems Department at Helsinki University of Technology in 2002. Since 2003, he has studied various aspects in the domain of automation in agriculture. His Ph.D. dissertation presented two new coverage path planning algorithms for agricultural field machines. Besides algorithm development interest, he has ten years of experience developing ISO 11783-compatible prototypes and he has participated on the standard development as well. He has instructed and supervised up to nine student teams to take part in Field Robot Event together with the University of Helsinki.

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