International Conference on Cyber Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent Systems (CYBER)

  • CYBER 2020
    CYBER 2020

     10-14 October 2020  |   Xi’an, China

  • CYBER 2018
    CYBER 2018
    19 - 23 July 2018 | Nankai University, Tianjin, China
  • CYBER 2017
    CYBER 2017
    31 July 2017 - 4 August 2017 | Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, Hawaii, USA
  • CYBER 2016
    CYBER 2016
    19 - 22 July 2016 | Sofitel Chengdu Taihe, Chengdu, China

Cyber technology has grown tremendously in recent years as new generations of internet-friendly automation systems continue to usher in fundamental changes to our everyday lives in such areas as healthcare, energy, telecommunication, environment, and manufacturing. Following the tradition established by the previous IEEE-CYBERs, IEEE-CYBER 2016 will strive to provide a forum for the dissemination of the latest development in scientific theories and engineering techniques as related to cyber technology. It is our sincere hope that IEEE-CYBER will one day become a leading conference in advocating cyber technology and a conduit for exploring new ideas of this field.

Key Conference Topics (but are not limited to):

  • Cyber Physical Systems: embedded systems; integrated sensing, including chemical, biological, physical diagnostic and implantable systems; mobile intelligent systems; sustainable and distributed energy systems; CPS for disaster monitoring and rescue.
  • Cloud Robotics: tele robotics; human machine interaction; perception systems; neural controlled machines and robots; networked search, rescue and field robotics; robot localization, navigation and mapping; space and underwater robots.
  • Internet of Things: Advanced “Internet of Things” technologies and applications; mobile commerce, logistics, transportation related issues; Cyber/lnternet security.
  • Networked Sensors: Wireless/LAN networked sensors; energy scavenging systems for self-powered sensor networks; wearable sensors and devices; wireless body area networks; body sensor networks; reconfigurable wireless networks; low-power sensors.

CYBER is sponsored by IEEE and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and the City University of Hong Kong.



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