Workshop on Robot Motion and Control (ROMOCO)

RoMoCo 2019 Poznan 2019

The 2024 13th International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control (RoMoCo 2024) includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Control design for nonholonomic and underactuated robots
  • Optimal and constrained control design for robotic systems
  • Multi-robot systems: networked control, collision avoidance, synchronization
  • Motion planning for robots and robotic systems
  • Control, planning, and sensing issues in teleoperation/telemanipulation
  • Localization and perception for robots and autonomous systems
  • Modelling and data-based identification of robotic systems
  • Machine learning methods in robot motion and control
  • Robust and adaptive autonomous systems under uncertainty
  • Control system architectures in robotics
  • Safety issues of robotic systems
  • Human-robot cooperative systems
  • Robotic cars and autonomous vehicles
  • Sensors, devices and tools for robots
  • Applications of robotics (agriculture, space, underwater, air, civil engineering and services, medicine, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Social, educational, and economic aspects of robotics


RoMoCo is sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and the

Poznan University of Technology.


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