Announcement of Winners - IROS 2018 Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations to all the winners of the IROS 2018 Scavenger Hunt!

Final Winner
Super MiROS
superMiros iros2018gateofthesun

Tourist Award Selfie Award Staycation Award
Los3Robotorros wfwolves Socrates Gang
los3robotorros iros2018granvia WFWolves iros2018welcome SocratesGang iros2018tapas

IROS 2018 Scavenger Hunt

1-5 October 2018

How to participate

  • Register online
  • Sign a photo release form
  • Join a team 

How to win

  • Earn tons of points by using the appropriate hashtags below to post IROS 2018 photos on Twitter.

Conference Challenges (Up to 3 points can be earned per challenge)

  • Check out the welcome reception: #iros2018welcome
  • Shake hands with a keynote speaker: #iros2018keynote
  • Get the RAS president's autograph: #iros2018president
  • Say hi to a fellow student you've never met before: #iros2018newfriend
  • Take a selfie with a member of the RAS staff: #iros2018rasstaff
  • Buy someone a drink: #iros2018cheers
  • Say goodbye at the farewell reception: #iros2018solong
Local Challenges:
  • Take a food selfie of your plate of tapas: #iros2018tapas
  • Try a breakfast, or coffee, or tea (or whatever!), at a sidewalk cafe: #iros2018cafe
  • Having fun at a late-night party? Prove it! #iros2018nightlife
  • Snap a selfie near the Puerta del Sol: #iros2018gateofthesun
  • Check out the Plaza Mayor (it dates back to 1619!): #iros2018mayor
  • Take a selfie with another team (both teams receive points, but be sure to include both teams' hash tags!): #iros2018twoteamsarebetterthanone
  • Take a picture of someone on your team ordering food in Spanish: #iros2018spanish
  • La Gran Vía is Madrid's most famous street. Can you find it? #iros2018granvia
  • Do you know your robotics history? The Robotics Museum should be your next stop!#iros2018museum
  • What’s Spain without a visit to a bull fighting ring!? Visit the Las Ventas Bullring! #iros2018bullfighting
  • Visit Santiago Bernabeu, the home ground for Real-Madrid FC, with fellow students and take a selfie: #iros2018realmadrid

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