HuMoD Database: an open database for simulating human motion dynamics on the actuation level

The HuMoD Database is an open database for the investigation, modeling and simulation of human motion dynamics on actuation level with a focus on lower limbs. The database contains raw and processed biomechanical measurement data from a three-dimensional motion capture system, an instrumented treadmill and an electromyographical measurement system for eight different motion tasks performed by a healthy female and male subject as well as anthropometric parameters for both subjects. The motion tasks comprise straight walking, straight running, sideways walking, transition between standing and straight running, avoiding obstacles, squats, kicking a ball and jumps. The biomechanical measurement data provided for each motion task include

  • joint center estimates,
  • joint angle positions, velocities and accelerations,
  • ground reaction forces,
  • center of pressure estimates,
  • muscle activities

The raw and processed biomechanical measurement data and anthropometric parameters as well as the source code of the applied computational scripts and a documentation of the database is open and can be obtained free of charge from the HuMoD Database website.

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