December 27, 2023

TAB(Technical Activity Board) has taken a significant step in promoting growth and visibility among its Technical Committees (TCs). TAB has introduced new classifications for its most active TCs, termed "Technical Communities" and "Blue Ribbon TCs."

What are “Super TCs”?

TAB has redefined its highly successful TCs, now known as "Super TCs" (previously Special TCs). These Super TCs, chosen from the most active and established TCs, will enjoy enhanced opportunities for growth and increased support from TAB. Various names are being considered for these groups, including Super TCs (STCs), Foundation TCs (FTCs), Technical Communities (TCs), and Large TCs (LTCs).

Review Process for Super TCs:

TCs are invited to submit a one-page intention letter during an annual call for proposals. Applications are reviewed by the TAB against established criteria. Successful TCs will be notified by email, with immediate updates to the budget and online presence.  The next call for Super TCs will be in Spring 2024.

Technical Communities and Blue Ribbon TCs

Technical Communities are designed for TCs with established communities and ties to RAS Conferences or Journals. These communities will receive additional support and visibility enhancements.

Blue Ribbon TCs cater to growing and active TCs that do not have a dedicated conference or journal. These TCs will also benefit from increased support and enhanced visibility.  In 2023 the TAB has elected 2 Technical Communities and 3 Blue Ribbon TCs:

Technical Communities:


Soft Robotics


Blue Ribbon TCs:

Agricultural Robotics and Automation

Model-Based Optimization for Robotics

Multi-Robot Systems


More details on all TCs ca be found here

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This innovative approach by TAB is a significant step in acknowledging and supporting the diverse and dynamic activities of its Technical Committees.

Date: December 12, 2023


To highlight TCs' excellent and growing activities and the relevance of their research area, here is the link to read the RAM and TC Sptlight Articles. 


* Link to RAM (Robotics & Automation Magazine): Click here

* For more about TC Spolight article on the latest recent issue, click here.  (Written by TC on Cognitive Robotics).


Dat: 8th November, 2023

The IEEE RAS Robotics Foundation Cluster held its second Robotics Foundations and Future Challenges Forum on September 30.

The forum was well-attended by students and researchers from all over the world who had gathered to hear from three distinguished plenary speakers. Prof. Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio opened the forum, giving a greatest hits tour of Soft Robotics research before highlighting some of the Fab Lab's latest work in the area. Prof. Dawn Tilbury followed with a talk on automation and trust, a particularly well-timed topic given the current explosion of AI and robotics. Prof. Aude Billard rounded out the talks with an overview of robot learning and how fundamental control theories can be combined with learning to provide fast, reactive, and safe behaviours. The talks were followed by an extensive interactive panel session where Prof. Josie Hughes joined Prof. Kramer-Bottiglio and Prof. Tilbury to discuss topics ranging from trends in robotics research to career advice for students entering the field, to the robotics community's responsibility to engage the public at large and develop sustainable technologies. Thanks to all of our speakers, panelists, and attendees for a dynamic and insightful afternoon of ideas. We look forward to hosting you again at our next Robotics Foundation Cluster Forum.


Date: 6th November, 2023

 On 30 September 2023, Detroit's Huntington Place hosted the TABxSAC Dinner, a major event organized by the Technical Activities Board (TAB) of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS). The event aimed to connect current and future leaders and to introduce RAS Technical Committees (TC), TAB, and the Student Activities Committee (SAC) to students and postdocs. The event presented students with opportunities to be involved in RAS and become a leader. TAB leadership was pleased with the dinner’s success: attendees, who totaled approximately 400, included professors and industrial experts from 30 TCs as well as 350 postdoctoral researchers and students.

About RAS Technical Committees (TCs)

Technical Committees (TCs) oversee research within the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and encourage innovation in various technical areas. Currently, RAS has 45 TCs that foster specialized research collaboration. New TCs are formed as emerging topics gain importance. These committees offer valuable opportunities for members to connect and work together within specific subfields.

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Dinner Highlights

  • Kyujin Cho, VP of TAB, inaugurated the evening by shedding light on TAB as well as the crucial roles that TCs and TC Clusters play within RAS.

Kyujin Cho, VP of TAB

Kyujin Cho, Vice President of TAB, opened the event.

  • TC Activities Spotlight: Gregory Gerling from the TC on Haptics and Josie Hughes from the TC on Soft Robotics showcased the impressive strides their TCs are making.


Gregory Gerling discusses the TC on Haptics.

Soft Robotics

Josie Hughes discusses the TC on Soft Robotics.

  • SAC's Vision: Enrica Tricomi, the Chair of SAC, elucidated the committee's objectives and aspirations.
  • Nurturing Future Minds: The Student Representatives Program, spearheaded by Amy K. Han, Associate Vice President of TAB, and Enrica Tricomi showcased the pathways and opportunities for budding talents.


Introduction to SAC & Student Representatives by Amy Kyungwon Han, Associate Vice President of TAB and Enrica Tricomi, the SAC Chair, discuss SAC and Student Representatives.

  • We also provided a demonstration on how to join TCs and RAS-SAC on the IEEE.

Attendees had the chance to chat with TC members over dinner. Each table was dedicated to a specific TC Cluster. Students could select their table of choice. The event also included an interactive quiz, a “lucky draw” event (with t-shirts), and a lively Q&A session.

Dinner with TCs

The networking dinner brought together TC Co-Chairs, students, and postdoctoral researchers.

On-site reactions were overwhelmingly positive. "We were happy to see many students actively participating throughout the event. We also would like to thank TC Chairs/Co-Chairs for their support," said Amy K. Han, one of the organizers. A TC member also noted, "Informing students about RAS and TAB revitalizes our boards, and seeing 200+ enthusiastic students at the event was truly inspiring." Students' feedback echoed these sentiments:

  • "Valuable info sharing."
  • "Loved conversing at the tables."
  • "Top-notch networking opportunities."
  • "A blend of knowledge, networking, and delicious food."

TAB is therefore planning a future TABxSAC Dinner at ICRA 2024, with the hope of gaining even greater RAS leadership participation. They would like to thank all for their efforts in participating in such a successful event.

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