A look inside IEEE RAM December 2020 Issue- Design Optimization of Soft Robots


ram issue cover dec 2020

We are pleased to offer you the December 2020 issue of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine!

Underwater Mobile Manipulation: A Soft Arm on a Benthic Legged Robot

Jiaqi Liu;Saverio Iacoponi;Cecilia Laschi;Li Wen;Marcello Calisti

Design Optimization of Soft Robots: A Review of the State of the Art

Feifei Chen;Michael Yu Wang

Room Temperature Self-Healing in Soft Pneumatic Robotics: Autonomous Self-Healing in a Diels-Alder Polymer Network

Seppe Terryn;Joost Brancart;Ellen Roels;Guy Van Assche;Bram Vanderborght

Design and Optimization of a Dextrous Robotic Finger: Incorporating a Sliding, Rotating, and Soft-Bending Mechanism While Maximizing Dexterity and Minimizing Dimensions

Amir Pagoli;Frederic Chapelle;Juan-Antonio Corrales-Ramon;Youcef Mezouar;Yuri Lapusta

Expanding Pouch Motor Patterns for Programmable Soft Bending Actuation: Enabling Soft Robotic System Adaptations

Haneol Lee;Namsoo Oh;Hugo Rodrigue
Looking Back and Looking Forward Bram Vanderborght

 A special thanks to Bram Vanderborght, editor-in-chief (EIC) of IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM) as his term ends with this issue.Thank you for all of your hard work and contributions to IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine over the past five years!


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