A look inside IEEE Transactions on Haptics: January-March 2021

We are pleased to offer you the January-March 2021 issue of IEEE Transactions on Haptics:


Beyond the Pandemic: The Role of Haptics in Defining the New Normal Domenico Prattichizzo Page(s): 1 - 1
A Survey of Mid-Air Ultrasound Haptics and Its Applications Ismo Rakkolainen, Euan Freeman, Antti Sand, Roope Raisamo, Stephen Brewster Page(s): 2 - 19
Static Weight Perception Through Skin Stretch and Kinesthetic Information: Detection Thresholds, JNDs, and PSEs Femke E. van Beek, Raymond J. King, Casey Brown, Massimiliano Di Luca, Sean Keller Page(s): 20 - 31
Synthesizing the Roughness of Textured Surfaces for an Encountered-Type Haptic Display Using Spatiotemporal Encoding Yaesol Kim, Siyeon Kim, Uran Oh, Young J. Kim Page(s): 32 - 43
Haptic and Visual Feedback Assistance for Dual-Arm Robot Teleoperation in Surface Conditioning Tasks Vicent Girbés-Juan, Vinicius Schettino, Yiannis Demiris, Josep Tornero Page(s): 44 - 56
Generation of Tactile Data From 3D Vision and Target Robotic Grasps Brayan S. Zapata-Impata, Pablo Gil, Youcef Mezouar, Fernando Torres Page(s): 57 - 67
Effect of Number of Digits on Human Precision Manipulation Workspaces Thomas Feix, Ian M. Bullock, Yuri Gloumakov, Aaron M. Dollar Page(s): 68 - 82
Magnetorheological Fluid Haptic Shoes for Walking in VR Tae-Heon Yang, Hyungki Son, Sangkyu Byeon, Hyunjae Gil, Inwook Hwang, Gwanghyun Jo, Seungmoon Choi, Sang-Youn Kim, Jin Ryong Kim Page(s): 83 - 94
Mapping the Sensory-Perceptual Space of Vibration for User-Centered Intuitive Tactile Design Robert Rosenkranz, M. Ercan Altinsoy

Page(s): 95 - 108

Integrating Wearable Haptics and Obstacle Avoidance for the Visually Impaired in Indoor Navigation: A User-Centered Approach Federica Barontini, Manuel G. Catalano, Lucia Pallottino, Barbara Leporini, Matteo Bianchi Page(s): 109 - 122
Inherent Haptic Feedback From Supernumerary Robotic Limbs Jacob W. Guggenheim, H. Harry Asada Page(s): 123 - 131
Effect of Remote Masking on Tactile Perception of Electrovibration Milad Jamalzadeh, Cagatay Basdogan, Burak Güçlü Page(s): 132 - 142
Raised Dot Enumeration Via Haptic Exploration Pritika Kumari Sharma, Akansha Pio Britto, Nidhi Aggarwal, Barry Hughes Page(s): 143 - 151
Virtual Haptic Perception as an Educational Assistive Technology: A Case Study in Inclusive Education Raquel Espinosa-Castañeda, Hugo I. Medellín-Castillo Page(s): 152 - 160
Vibrotactile Alphabets: Time and Frequency Patterns to Encode Information Xun Liu, Mischa Dohler Page(s): 161 - 173
Augmenting Virtual Reality Terrain Display with Smart Shoe Physical Rendering: A Pilot Study Yue Wang, Takara E. Truong, Samuel W. Chesebrough, Pete Willemsen, K. Bo Foreman, Andrew S. Merryweather, John M. Hollerbach, Mark A. Minor

Page(s): 174 - 187

A Multisensory Approach to Present Phonemes as Language Through a Wearable Haptic Device

Nathan Dunkelberger, Jennifer L. Sullivan, Joshua Bradley, Indu Manickam, Gautam Dasarathy, Richard Baraniuk, Marcia K. O’Malley

Page(s): 188 - 199
Improving Tactile Codes for Increased Speech Communication Rates in a Phonemic-Based Tactile Display

Juan S. Martinez, Hong Z. Tan, Charlotte M. Reed

Page(s): 200 - 211

Evaluating the Efficiency of Six-DoF Haptic Rendering-Based Virtual Assembly Training

Mianlun Zheng, Danyong Zhao, Jernej Barbič

Page(s): 212 - 224

Syntacts: Open-Source Software and Hardware for Audio-Controlled Haptics

Evan Pezent, Brandon Cambio, Marcia K. O’Malley

Page(s): 225 - 233



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