Call for Proposals - 2016 IEEE RAS Technical Education Program (Summer School)

Each year, the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society offers financial support for three Technical Education Programs (RAS-TEP), formerly Summer Schools. In efforts to bring RAS closer to its membership, these programs rotate though the Americas, Europe and Asia and Pacific.

The RAS-TEP program is jointly run by the Member Activities Board (MAB) and the Technical Activities Board (TAB). The program is intended to sponsor or co-sponsor up to three summer schools per year around the world. One of the three summer schools will be fully sponsored by RAS to a level of $40,000, and it will rotate annually through RAS' three geographical regions in a round robin fashion. The other two summer schools will be cosponsored with interested organizations in the other two geographical regions up to a level of $20,000 each. In 2016, Full sponsorship ($40,000) is available for for Area 3 (Asia, Pacific)

The review of Technical Education Program proposals is based on assessments from two different viewpoints, the first one with respect to the general structure, including organizational matters and budget, and the second one with respect to the technical content. Suited Technical Committees (TCs) of the RAS have to endorse the proposal. 

RAS Technical Committee List

RAS Technical Education Programs are designed to directly benefit RAS Student Members. At least 50% of the attendees should be RAS members, and will receive support through TEP funding.

Techncial Education Program Proposal - online form

Deadlines for the submission of 2016 proposals: 1 May 2015
Decision Notification: 1 July 2015

posted 10 March 2015



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