IEEE - RAS Congratulates Recently Elevated Senior Members


Congratulations to the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society members recently elevated to Senior Member status by the IEEE Admission and Advancement Senior Member Review Panel.

To be eligible for application or nomination, candidates must:

  • be engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields
  • have experience reflecting professional maturity
  • have been in professional practice for at least ten years (with some credit for certain degrees)

In addition, candidates for Senior Member grade must supply three references from current IEEE members holding the grade of Fellow, Senior Member, or Honorary Member.

For more information, visit or Email

Nandan Banerjee

Boston Section

Brendan Englot

North Jersey Section

Peter Wurman

Boston Section

Holly Yanco

Boston Section

Guoquan Huang

Delaware Bay Section

Kwangtaek Kim

Akron Section

Robert Mandelbaum

Philadelphia Section

Yunyi Jia

Piedmont Section

Ying Wang

Atlanta Section

Cheol-Hong Min

Twin Cities Section

Marcelo Siero

Santa Clara Valley Section

Nicholas Wettels

Metropolitan Los Angeles Section

Haoxiang Lang

Toronto Section

Mohammed Aboud

United Arab Emirates Section

Antonio Aguiar

Portugal Section

Luigi Calegari

Italy Section

Fei Chen

Italy Section

Riccardo Costanzi

Italy Section

Evren Daglarli

Turkey Section

Mohammed Elmogy

Egypt Section

Manuel Ferre

Spain Section

Abba Gabriel

France Section

Igor Gaponov

Russia Section

Prashant Jamwal

Reg 8-Countries Outside Sections

Stephanie Kemna

Norway Section

Ricardo Palomares

Peru Section

Julio Toro Silva

Panama Section

Pedro Vieira

Rio De Janeiro Section

Radzi Ambar

Malaysia Section

Venkat Bokka

Vizag Bay Section

Houde Dai

Beijing Section

Koichi Hashimoto

Sendai Section

Yuan Jianjun

Shanghai Section

Kazuo Kiguchi

Fukuoka Section

Kiran Kinnera

Hyderabad Section

Ravichandra Kulkarni

Bangalore Section

Kentarou Kurashige

Sapporo Section

Wuquan Li

Beijing Section

Arnab Maity

Bombay Section

Suchetha Manikandan

Madras Section

Ye Yuan

Wuhan Section

Mingming Zhang

Guangzhou Section

Young Park

Chicago Section

Pragnesh Patel

Chicago Section

Elliott Rouse

Southeastern Michigan Section

Robert Bonitz

San Diego Section

Chee-Yee Chong

Santa Clara Valley Section

David Feil-Seifer

Northern Nevada Section

Tucker Hermans

Utah Section

Hamed Khalkhali

Orange County Section

Juan Leon

Metropolitan Los Angeles Section

Praveen Palanisamy

Seattle Section

Rui Liu

Germany Section

Jorge Martinez

Spain Section

Sarthak Misra

Benelux Section

Alessandro Ridolfi

Italy Section

Benjamin Rosman

South Africa Section

Almas Shintemirov

Reg 8-Countries Outside Sections

Juan Tardos

Spain Section

Paolo Tripicchio

Italy Section

Arjen van der Meer

Benelux Section

Patricia Vargas

United Kingdom and Ireland Section

Boban Veselic

Serbia And Montenegro Section

Gabriel Calzada

Guanajuato Section

Carlos Cifuentes

Colombia Section

Luis Gonzalez Jimenez

Guadalajara Section

Luis F. Luque-Vega

Guadalajara Section

Fumitoshi Matsuno

Kansai Section

Peyman Moghadam

Queensland Section

Ramesh Mohapatra

Kolkata Section

Muhammad Murti

Indonesia Section

Elango Natarajan

Malaysia Section

Soumya Sahoo Uttar 

Pradesh Section

Dattatray Sawant

Bombay Section

Manimurugan Shanmuganathan

Madras Section

Indar Sugiarto

Indonesia Section

Takuo Suzuki

Nagoya Section

Edwin Sybingco

Republic of Philippines Section

Weiwei Wan

Kansai Section

Tao Wang

Nanjing Section

Qinglai Wei

Beijing Section

Xiaolei Xie

Beijing Section


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