IROS 2018 Award Recipients Announced

The IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS2018) was held 1-5 October 2018 in Madrid, Spain. Congratulations to the following Award Recipients - which were announced on 4 October during the Awards Luncheon. Photos of the event are available here:

IROS Harashima Award for Innovative Technologies

This award is to honor Professor Fumio Harashima, the Founding Honorary Chair of the IROS conferences, by recognizing outstanding contributions of an individual of the IROS community who has pioneered activities in robotics and intelligent systems.


Wolfram Burgard -University of Freiburg, Germany
"For pioneering research in robot simultaneous localization and mapping"

IROS Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes an individual who has performed outstanding service and leadership for the benefit and advancement of the IROS Conference. Up to two awards will be given annually at the IROS Conference.

Dist Service

Anthony A. Maciejewski - Colorado State University, USA
"For leadership and service on the IROS Conference Paper Review Board"
Hong Zhang - University of Alberta,Canada
"For leadership and distinguished service for IROS Conferences"

IROS Toshio Fukuda Young Professional Award

This award recognizes individuals (from academic institutions, government, industry, or research labs) who, in their early career, have made identifiable contributions that have had a major impact on intelligent robots and systems. Up to two awards will be given annually at the IROS Conference.

Ming Liu - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,China
"For outstanding contributions to mobile robot path planning and control"

IROS Best Paper Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper at the annual IROS Conference.

Best Conf Paper.fw

"Robust Visual-Inertial State Estimation with Multiple Odometries and Efficient Mapping on an MAV with Ultra-Wide FOV Stereo Vision"
M. G. Müller, F. Steidle, M. J. Schuster, P. Lutz, M. Maier, S. Stoneman, T. Tomic, W. Stürzl 

IROS ABB Best Student Paper Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper authored primarily by a student at the annual IROS Conference.

Best Student Paper.fw

"Online Temporal Calibration for Monocular Visual-Inertial Systems"
Tong Qin, (Shaojie Shen)

IROS JTCF Novel Technology Paper Award for Amusement Culture

This award recognizes technical papers which have made practical technology contributions to Toys, Toy Models and Amusement Culture. Two recipients this year! 

novel tech paper

"Real-Time Dance Generation to Music for a Legged Robot"
Thomas Bi, Péter Fankhauser, Dario Bellicoso, Marco Hutter

"Hands and Faces, Fast: Mono-Camera User Detection Robust Enough to Directly Control a UAV in Flight"
Sepehr MohaimenianPour, Richard Vaughan

IROS RoboCup Best Paper Award

This award recognizes technical papers which have made identifiable contributions to RoboCup.

robocup best paper.fw

"A Multimodal Classifier Generative Adversarial Network for Carry and Place Tasks from ambiguous Language Instructions"
Aly Magassouba, Komei Sugiura, Hisashi Kawai

IROS KROS Best Paper Award on Cognitive Robotics

This award is to promote interdisciplinary researches on cognition for technical systems and advancements of cognitive robotics in industry, home applications, and daily life.

cognitive robotics.fw

"Augmenting Physical Simulators with Stochastic Neural Networks: Case Study of Planar Pushing and Bouncing"
Anurag Ajay, Jiajun Wu, Nima Fazeli, Maria Bauza, Leslie P. Kaelbling, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Alberto Rodriguez

IROS Best Paper Award on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics

This award is to promote advanced research on safety, security and rescue robotics. The name of the award is connected with Mr. Motohiro Kisoi who was killed in Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on 17 January 1995. He was a master student of Kobe University, Japan at that time. He had a dream to create a robot that can help people. To memorialize him and Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the award has established.


"Fire-Aware Planning of Aerial Trajectories and Ignitions"
Evan Beachly, Carrick Detweiler, Sebastian Elbaum, Brittany Duncan, Carl Hildebrandt, Dirac Twidwell, Craig Allen

IROS ICROS Best Application Paper Award

This award is to promote researches on excellent robot application.

Best Application.fw

"Closed-Loop Single-Beacon Passive Acoustic Navigation for Low-Cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles"
Nicholas R. Rypkema, Erin M. Fischell, Henrik Schmidt

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