RAS Congratulates Our Newly Elevated Senior Members

Congratulations to the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society members recently elevated to Senior Member status by the IEEE Admission and Advancement Senior Member Review Panel.

To be eligible for application or nomination, candidates must

  • be engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields
  • have experience reflecting professional maturity
  • have been in professional practice for at least 10 years (with some credit for certain degrees).

In addition, candidates for Senior Member grade must supply three references from current IEEE Members holding the grade of Fellow, Senior Member, or Honorary Member. For more information, visit https://www.ieee.org/membership/senior/ or email senior-member@ieee.org. The names and affiliations of the new Senior Members are as follows, listed alphabetically by Region:


Region 1

Eric Gallimore

Providence Section

Diego Romeres

Boston Section

Region 2

Satyanarayana Manyam

Dayton Section

Region 3

Jeff Holmes

East Tennessee Section

Ryan Integlia

Coastal South Carolina Section

Region 4

Ratheesh Ravindran

Southeastern Michigan Section

Ramanarayan Vasudevan

Southeastern Michigan Section

Region 5

Adedeji Ogunbela

Houston Section

Alessandro Roncone

Denver Section

Region 6

Soshi Iba

Santa Clara Valley Section

Hannah Stuart

Oakland-East Bay Section

Region 7

Soulaimane Berkane

Ottawa Section

Christos Bergeles

United Kingdom and Ireland Section

Ghazi Bouzid

Tunisia Section

Hedvig Kjellstrom

Sweden Section

Agostino Mangini

Italy Section

Chioma Oleka

Nigeria Section

Massimiliano Pirani

Italy Section

Anatolijs Zabasta

Latvia Section

Daniel Carbonel

Peru Section

Cairo Nascimento

South Brazil Section

Region 10

Guanjun Bao

Nanjing Section

Neeraj Bhardwaj

Bangalore Section

Wei Feng

Guangzhou Section

Jiajie Guo

Wuhan Section

Vijaykumar Jatti

Bombay Section

Narendra Khatri

Bangalore Section

Hyun-Jung Kim

Daejeon Section

Tianliang Li

Wuhan Section

Olatunji Omisore

Guangzhou Section

Stalin Yanneboina

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