IEEE RAS George Saridis Leadership Award in Robotics and Automation

About the Award

Description: This award recognizes outstanding contributions of an individual for his/her exceptional leadership, and dedication that benefit the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. The award is named in honor of Professor George Saridis, the Founding President of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Council, which later became the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, who exemplified the characteristics sought in nominees for this award. 
Established: 2008
Prize: USD$1,000 and plaque. Up to three awards will be given each year, and no award will be given if no qualified candidate is identified.
Funding: Sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.
Eligibility: Only IEEE Robotics and Automation Society members are eligible.
Basis for Judging: Exceptional leadership and dedication that result in the professional growth of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society; quality and significance of leadership that benefits the Robotics and Automation community.
Presentation: At the next IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) after a recipient has been selected.

Nomination Form:

Winners of this Award


Satoshi Tadokoro
"For inclusive leadership as RAS President and for the visionary and strategic leadership of the rescue robotics research community"

Torsten Kroeger
"For foundational research on real-time robot motion planning and leadership and service in conferences and society management"
Kevin Lynch
"For leadership in robotics and automation through innovations in conferences and publications, broadly accessible education, and research"
Jing Xiao
"For her leadership, service, dedication, and innovation in RAS and Robotics and Automation community"

Raja Chatila
"For his visionary leadership in robotics and artificial intelligence through successful initiatives in publication, ethics standards, and conference activities"
Kazuhiro Kosuge
"For his exceptional vision of innovative research and outstanding leadership in the robotics and automation community through technical activity management"

Peter Corke
"For foundational research on robot vision and for leadership and innovation in robotics education"
John Hollerbach
"For foundational research on robot calibration and leadership and service in publications, conferences, and society management"
Lynne Parker
"For foundational research in multi-robot systems and leadership in RAS conferences and US national AI policy"

Nancy Amato
"For exceptional leadership in service of RAS conferences, publications, and membership, as well as mentorship of RAS volunteers"
Alessandro De Luca
"For contributions to the robotics and automation community through research innovation and education, and for leadership in publication and conference activities in RAS"
David E. Orin
"For exceptional leadership and dedication to RAS financial activities, governance, and awards"

Antonio Bicchi
"For his leadership in the robotics and automation community through research innovation, technology transfer, education and professional development"
Bill Hamel
"For continued leadership that has significantly contributed to the growth and development of robotics in hazardous environments and to the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society"

Vijay Kumar
"For his leadership in building institutions and in creating national and international programs to promote robotics and automation"
Peter B. Luh
"For exceptional vision and leadership in strengthening and promoting the field of automation science and engineering"

Ken Goldberg
"For his exceptional leadership, innovations and contributions to advancing automation science and engineering, particularly public outreach and archival publications"
Nikos Papanikolopoulos
"For his leadership, innovation, and dedication in RAS conference activities"

Bruno Siciliano
"For his outstanding leadership in the robotics and automation community as a research innovator, an inspired educator, a dedicated contributor of professional service, an ambassador of science and technology"

Paolo Dario
"For pioneering and consolidating robotics as pervasive technology, with interdisciplinary and visionary ideas, extending RAS leadership through inclusiveness towards other communities"
Oussama Khatib
"In recognition of his vision and leadership in introducing and nurturing important innovations in conferences in robotics and automation"

Award Not Presented

George Bekey
"For his leadership in the robotics and automation community, realized through innovative research, education, and service contributions"

Richard Volz
"For exceptional leadership in RAS governance, publications and society procedures"

C.S. George Lee
"For leadership and contributions in RAS technical activities and conferences"

Tzyh-Jong Tarn
"For leadership in initiation of the Robotics and Automation Society, establishment of original awards, and promotion of world-wide conference activities"
Toshio Fukuda
"For leadership in expanding RAS technical activities to Japan and his contributions to RAS technical activities"

Georges Giralt

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