Coming Soon: IEEE Robotics and Automation Practice (RAP)

RAS is set to launch a new journal in 2024: IEEE Robotics and Automation Practice (RAP). Across all application domains, there are robots and applications leaving research labs as mature and beneficial products, however, the robotics and automation community did not have a suitable venue to publish this amazing research, development works, and results. RAP seeks to publish results whose value to practitioners is clear.

RAP seeks to publish research explicitly directed toward their interests and concerns, with results deployed in actual robotics and automation settings immediately or in the near term.

Such results include algorithms, code, methodologies, and designs that clearly demonstrate either verifiable and replicable improvements over the state of the art or a new practical application within the broad context of robotics and automation. Also, insights and experiments previously described in patents might be relevant content to bring to the community. The journal may include empirical studies, in-depth case studies, and other experimental works that contribute to the latest body of knowledge in robotics and automation engineering.


Potential article topics include:

  • New field-tested algorithms and code for tasks ranging from sensing to planning and control, as found in the Robot Operating System (ROS), or a comparative analysis of algorithms and code in specific real-world settings.
  • The design and empirical analysis of grippers made of soft materials— which break down easily, and which are more robust?
  • When building a mobile manipulator using off-the-shelf and custom parts, what are some of the challenging system integration issues?

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