IEEE Robotics and Automation Award for Product Innovation

About the Award

Description: This award is established to identify a company which made an innovative commercial product using Robotics and Automation Science and Technology. Up to three awards will be given annually at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
Established: 2010
Prize: A plaque for the company
Funding: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Eligibility: Companies which make innovative commercial products using Robotics and Automation Science and Technology are eligible. The commercial products must have been commercialized within two years from the nomination due date. Examples of appropriate products include home appliances, vehicles, houses, robots, and any other commercially available products that use robotics and automation technology.
Basis for Judging: Factors to be considered are: The significance of the innovation, creativity, technical merits, originality, and potential impact in the field of the product
Presentation: The award will be announced and presented at the annual IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

Nomination form:

Winners of this Award


Energy Robotics GmbH
"Energy Robotics‘ robot and cloud brain software provide autonomous inspection of industrial sites by fleets of heterogeneous mobile robots"


"ANYmal: a versatile quadruped robot with high mobility for inspection and maintenance"

Sarcos Robotics
"Sarcos Robotics Guardian® XO® Full-Body, Powered Exoskeleton is the world’s first full-body, battery-powered exoskeleton that increases strength and endurance while reducing injury risk"

Fetch Robotics
"For innovations in the VirtualConveyor line of cloud-based autonomous mobile robots for material handling and transport"

Sarcos Robotics
"Sarcos® Robotics Guardian S Mobile IoT Platform: A first-of-its-kind, cloud-connected mobile IoT & sensor platform that provides inspection and surveillance capabilities to augment human-based inspections"

Award not presented

Clearpath Robotics
"Jackal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV): A small 4-wheeled all-terrain robot with multiple payload capacity and open source software"

Grabit Inc.
"In recognition of the Grabit Panel-Series Grippers that provide innovative and effective fabric handling based on electroadhesion"

HandInScan Ltd.
"In recognition of "Hand-in-Scan" which allows objective evaluation of hand hygiene"

DAIMLER AG, Mercedes-Benz Cars
"In recognition of "Robot Farming" Based on Soft Robotics Technologies - A
Milestone towards Highly Flexible Robot Manufacturing"

Fain-Biomedical, Inc
In recognition of the Endovascular Evaluator (EVE), forefront of medical simulator for training and evaluation of endovascular surgery"

Award Not Presented

Aldebaran Robotics
In recognition of the NAO Humanoid Robot For fundamental contributions to the foundations of control of robots and teleoperators, and for contributions to robotics education"

iRobot Corporation
In recognition of the iRobot Scooba 230 floor washing robot"

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