International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI)

The theme of the 2020 MFI conference is “Taking Multi-Sensor Fusion to the Next Level:The theme of the 2020 MFI conference is “Taking Multi-Sensor Fusion to the Next Level:From Theory to Applications”. The main topics of interest areTheory: Probability theory, Bayesian inference, nonlinear estimation,Dempster-Shafer, fuzzy sets, logic, machine learning, neural networks,distributed architectures.Sensors: RGB cameras, depth cameras, radar and sonar devices, laser scanner,infrared sensors, IMU, gyroscopes.Algorithms for: tracking and localization, recognition, perception, AI in robotics,cognitive systems, sensor registration, big data, sensor management, distributedsensor systems, SLAM, visual servoing, learning by demonstration.Applications: Sensor networks, multi-robot systems, distributed and cloud robotics,bio-inspired systems, service robots, automation, biomedical applications,autonomous vehicles (land, sea, air), manipulation planning and control,multifinger hands, micro/nano systems, surveillance, multimodal interface andhuman robot interaction, navigation, Internet-of-Things, smart cities,cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0, search/rescue/audition, field robotics,swarm robotics, force and tactile sensing, surgical robotics, humanoids,soft-bodied robots.



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