International Conference on Robotics and Automation Engineering (ICRAE)


As the world rapidly moves towards the widespread implementation of automated machines, particularly smart robots, advances in technologies such as sensing, planning, perception, control, machine intelligence, and cloud computing are enabling the next generation of robots to excel at handling various tasks across industry and society. The field of Robotics and Automation Engineering has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years, spurred by breakthroughs in robotics technologies and artificial intelligence. The integration of these technologies has resulted in the development of more advanced and intelligent robots capable of performing intricate tasks in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. Consequently, it is essential to stay abreast of the rapid growth of theories and technologies that drive robotics and automation engineering forward.

In light of this, the 2023 8th International Conference on Robotics and Automation Engineering (ICRAE 2023) will be held in Singapore from November 17th to 19th, 2023.

The conference aims to unite researchers, scholars, and industry professionals from around the globe to share their latest research findings and discuss emerging trends in robotics and automation engineering. The conference will encompass a wide range of topics, including robot design, control and motion planning, artificial intelligence and machine learning in robotics, as well as applications of robotics and automation in various fields. Through the exchange of ideas and collaborative knowledge-sharing, ICRAE 2023 will serve as a platform for shaping the future of robotics and automation engineering.

ICRAE 2023 is co-sponsored by Systems Society of Singapore and Tongji University, China, supported by Singapore Institute of Electronics and Sensors, and Robotics.



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