Cluster Forum at IROS 2023 in Detroit

Dat: 8th November, 2023

The IEEE RAS Robotics Foundation Cluster held its second Robotics Foundations and Future Challenges Forum on September 30.

The forum was well-attended by students and researchers from all over the world who had gathered to hear from three distinguished plenary speakers. Prof. Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio opened the forum, giving a greatest hits tour of Soft Robotics research before highlighting some of the Fab Lab's latest work in the area. Prof. Dawn Tilbury followed with a talk on automation and trust, a particularly well-timed topic given the current explosion of AI and robotics. Prof. Aude Billard rounded out the talks with an overview of robot learning and how fundamental control theories can be combined with learning to provide fast, reactive, and safe behaviours. The talks were followed by an extensive interactive panel session where Prof. Josie Hughes joined Prof. Kramer-Bottiglio and Prof. Tilbury to discuss topics ranging from trends in robotics research to career advice for students entering the field, to the robotics community's responsibility to engage the public at large and develop sustainable technologies. Thanks to all of our speakers, panelists, and attendees for a dynamic and insightful afternoon of ideas. We look forward to hosting you again at our next Robotics Foundation Cluster Forum.


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