Opportunity to become a student leader in RAS

Call for student leaders: Technical Committee Student Representatives

 Apply to be a Student Representative for Technical Committee by April 15 


We are excited to share an excellent opportunity for you to become a student leader in the RAS community by working as a student representative for a Technical Committee (TC). There are five TCs looking for student representatives, and the applications are due April 15, 2024. Please see each call for the details on the responsibilities and application process:

Rewards for student reps: 

  1. Complimentary student registration to a RAS sponsored conference within one year.
  2. Priority access to the TABxSAC event during ICRA/IROS: We organize a TABxSAC dinner every ICRA/IROS to promote student/postdoc engagement in TC. You will have a chance to meet with leaders in RAS including TC co-chairs and network with students and postdocs. 

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Han, the AVP of TAB (amyhan@snu.ac.kr).

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