[TAB News] TAB Announces New Initiatives for Technical Committees: Introduction of Technical Communities and Blue Ribbon TCs

December 27, 2023

TAB(Technical Activity Board) has taken a significant step in promoting growth and visibility among its Technical Committees (TCs). TAB has introduced new classifications for its most active TCs, termed "Technical Communities" and "Blue Ribbon TCs."

What are “Super TCs”?

TAB has redefined its highly successful TCs, now known as "Super TCs" (previously Special TCs). These Super TCs, chosen from the most active and established TCs, will enjoy enhanced opportunities for growth and increased support from TAB. Various names are being considered for these groups, including Super TCs (STCs), Foundation TCs (FTCs), Technical Communities (TCs), and Large TCs (LTCs).

Review Process for Super TCs:

TCs are invited to submit a one-page intention letter during an annual call for proposals. Applications are reviewed by the TAB against established criteria. Successful TCs will be notified by email, with immediate updates to the budget and online presence.  The next call for Super TCs will be in Spring 2024.

Technical Communities and Blue Ribbon TCs

Technical Communities are designed for TCs with established communities and ties to RAS Conferences or Journals. These communities will receive additional support and visibility enhancements.

Blue Ribbon TCs cater to growing and active TCs that do not have a dedicated conference or journal. These TCs will also benefit from increased support and enhanced visibility.  In 2023 the TAB has elected 2 Technical Communities and 3 Blue Ribbon TCs:

Technical Communities:


Soft Robotics


Blue Ribbon TCs:

Agricultural Robotics and Automation

Model-Based Optimization for Robotics

Multi-Robot Systems


More details on all TCs ca be found here

* Link: https://www.ieee-ras.org/technical-committees

This innovative approach by TAB is a significant step in acknowledging and supporting the diverse and dynamic activities of its Technical Committees.

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