Competitions Committee

This committee shall report to the Vice President of Conferences Activities Board. This committee fosters and coordinates all competitions at IEEE RAS (co)sponsored events. It evaluates requests for competitions and makes recommendations as to RAS endorsement, technical sponsorship, or financial support. It also provides assistance to local chapters wishing to organize local or regional competitions. The committee consists of a chair or co-chairs, and its membership typically includes representatives of events holding competitions, AdCom, the chair of the Education Committee, and a representative from the Student Activities Committee.


Hyungpil Moon portrait
Hyungpil Moon
Sungkunkwan University
Suwon, South Korea


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Dan Popa portrait
Dan Popa
University of Louisville
Louisville (KY), USA
Jonathan Roberts portrait
Jonathan Roberts
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Australia
Yu Sun portrait
Yu Sun
University of South Florida
Tampa (FL), USA


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