Life Member Committee

Life Member Committee 2016 small

The Life Member Committee shall report to the Member Activities Board and shall promote the activities of Life Members in IEEE RAS through Society activities in cooperation with all Society Boards, Committees and Working Groups.

Actions will include, among other activities:

  • Promote and encourage IEEE membership (Industry, members, YP, Students and WIE) in RAS.
  • Promote activities of the RAS Life Member committee in accordance with the IEEE Life Member committee.
  • Promote and encourage Milestones of IEEE and IEEE RAS
  • Support activities of the local chapters (such as Distinguished Lecturers) and society committees as mentors.
  • RAS Advisory activities



Alicia Casals portrait
Alicia Casals
Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)
Barcelona, Spain


John Hollerbach portrait
John Hollerbach
University of Utah
Salt Lake City (UT), United States


George Lee portrait
George Lee
Purdue University
West Lafayette (IN), United States
Ron Lumia portrait
Ron Lumia
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque (NM), United States
Tzyh Jong Tarn portrait
Tzyh Jong Tarn
Washington University
St. Louis (MO), USA


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