RA-L CFP: Special Issue- Autonomous System in Robotic Surgery



The advent of robot-assisted surgery has consistently improved the outcome of surgical procedures by providing more effective and precise medical interventions. Hence, in recent years, autonomous systems in robotic surgery have attracted growing research interests in an enormous scope of applications. Concurrently to the growing needs and requests of sophisticated mechanisms that can help, enhance the medical procedure and in some extent replace the medical practitioners, concerns related to the safety of completely autonomous surgical robotic systems have emerged during the years. Hence, how to integrate advanced designs, modeling, perception, learning, control, and cognition, which involve the highest levels of the imaginative ability to bring the multi-information together and create novel solutions, is an effective way to enhance the level of autonomy of intelligent surgical robotic system and it is becoming an inspiring and promising subject which aim at improving the performance of
robotics surgery. However, there are still many challenges and problems related to safety of autonomous robotic surgical systems and their integration with the medical team which can be tackled only by developing more advanced robotic solutions.


Topics of interest for this special issue include and are not limited to:

  • Autonomous /semi-autonomous system for robotic-assisted surgery;
  • Haptic mechanism in robotic surgery;
  • Teleoperated system in robotic-assisted surgery;
  • Image guided robotic-assisted surgery;
  • Human-Robot interaction and collaboration in surgical systems;
  • Sensory fusion and perception in surgical robotics;
  • Interface in robotics surgery;
  • Safety and robustness of robotic surgery devices.
Important Dates 

15 October 2020

Call for Papers                                   

10 January 2021

Papercept open for submission

10 February 2021

Submission deadline                               

7 May 2021

Authors receive RA-L reviews and recommendation   

21 May 2021

Authors of accepted MS submit final RA-L version  

06 June 2021

Authors of R&R MS resubmit revised MS            

11 July 2021

Authors receive final RA-L decision               

25 July 2021

Authors submit final RA-L files                   

30 July 2021

Camera ready version appears in RA-L on Xplore    

10 August 2021

Final Publication


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