RAS Congratulates the Honorees at the ICRA 2023 Awards Ceremony

On 1 June 2023, at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in London, RAS and ICRA honored recipients and finalists for RAS and ICRA Awards. Check out the full list of honorees, including finalists, here; RAS extends its hearty congratulations to all those honored, and we thank everyone who helped organize this wonderful celebration.

Note also that the nominations deadline for 2024 RAS Awards is fast approaching! Details for each award, including eligibility and nomination requirements and lists of previous recipients, may be found here. The deadline is midnight (ET) (1 August) 2023.

Below is the list of ICRA Award winners.

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Paper

Winner: “Distributed Data-Driven Predictive Control for Multi-Agent Collaborative Legged Locomotion”

Authors: Fawcett, Randall; Amanzadeh, Leila; Kim, Jeeseop; Ames, Aaron; Akbari Hamed, Kaveh

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Automation Paper

Winner: “Target-Aware Implicit Mapping for Agricultural Crop Inspection”

Authors: Kelly, Shane; Riccardi, Alessandro; Marks, Elias Ariel; Magistri, Federico; Guadagnino, Tiziano; Chli, Margarita; Stachniss, Cyrill

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Student Paper

WINNER: “Robust Locomotion on Legged Robots through Planning on Motion Primitive Graphs”

Authors: Ubellacker, Wyatt; Ames, Aaron

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Deployed Systems Paper

WINNER: “GUTS: Generalized Uncertainty-Aware Thompson Sampling for Multi-Agent Active Search”

Authors: Bakshi, Nikhil Angad; Gupta, Tejus; Ghods, Ramina; Schneider, Jeff

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Dynamics and Control Paper

WINNER: “Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a 3D Hopping Robot: Leveraging Lie Group Integrators for Dynamically Stable Behaviors”

Authors: Csomay-Shanklin, Noel; Dorobantu, Victor; Ames, Aaron

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Healthcare and Medical Robotics Paper

WINNER: “Real-Time Constrained 6D Object-Pose Tracking of an In-Hand Suture Needle for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery”

Authors: Chiu, Zih-Yun; Richter, Florian; Yip, Michael C.

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Locomotion Paper

WINNER: “Multi-Segmented, Adaptive Feet for Versatile Legged Locomotion in Natural Terrain”

Authors: Chatterjee, Abhishek; Mo, An; Kiss, Bernadett; Gönen, Emre Cemal; Badri-Spröwitz, Alexander

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Manipulation Paper

WINNER: “In-Hand Manipulation in Power Grasp: Design of an Adaptive Robot Hand with Active Surfaces”

Authors: Cai, Yilin; Yuan, Shenli

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Mechanisms and Design Paper

WINNER: “Contact Force Control with Continuously Compliant Robotic Legs”

Authors: Bendfeld, Robin; Remy, C. David

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Multi-Robot Systems Paper

WINNER: “Graph Neural Networks for Multi-Robot Active Information Acquisition”

Authors: Tzes, Mariliza; Bousias, Nikolaos; Chatzipantazis, Evangelos; Pappas, George J.

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Navigation Paper

WINNER: “SmartRainNet: Uncertainty Estimation for Laser Measurement in Rain”

Authors: Zhang, Chen; Huang, Zefan; Tung, Beatrix; Ang Jr, Marcelo H; Rus, Daniela

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Physical Human-Robot Interaction Paper

WINNER: “Learning from Physical Human Feedback: An Object-Centric One-Shot Adaptation Method”

Authors: Shek, Alvin; Su, Bo Ying; Chn Rui; Liu, Changliu

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Planning Paper

WINNER: “Learning-Based Initialization of Trajectory Optimization for Path-Following Problems of Redundant Manipulators”

Authors: Yoon, Minsung; Kang, Mincheul; Park, Daehyung; Yoon, Sung-eui

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Robot Learning Paper

WINNER: “Code As Policies: Language Model Programs for Embodied Control”

Authors: Liang, Jacky; Huang, Wenlong; Xia, Fei; Xu, Peng; Hausman, Karol; Ichter, Brian; Florence, Peter; Zeng, Andy

ICRA 2023 Outstanding Sensors and Perception Paper

WINNER: “Occlusion Reasoning for Skeleton Extraction of Self-Occluded Tree Canopies”

Authors: Kim, Chung Hee; Kantor, George


Daniela Rus accepts the 2023 Robotics and Automation Technical Field Award from RAS President Frank Park



Kevin Lynch, the outgoing Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO), is honored by Frank Park, RAS President and past T-RO EiC, and Wolfram Burgard, RAS Awards Chair and incoming T-RO EiC



Congratulations to all the honorees at the ICRA 2023 Awards Ceremony

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