RAS MAB Introduces a Regional Student Representative Initiative

The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society’s Chapters and International Activities Committee (CIAC) and the Student Activities Committee (SAC) under the Member Activities Board, have developed a new Regional Student Representatives (RSR) initiative.

Regional diversity presents a challenge for RAS to effectively implement universal programs and engage students. In response, the RSR program assigns representatives to serve as ambassadors from the SAC to local student chapters and better facilitate communication between the two groups.

The primary responsibilities for each representative include:

•Initiate regional specific programs and competitions

•Participate in regular SAC and CIAC meetings to represent local student chapters

•Oversee student communication via mailing lists and social media

Additional responsibilities will vary according to region in order to better serve the RAS community at large. RSRs will work closely with SAC and CIAC and student chapters in their regions in order to promote student involvement in IEEE and RAS.

Regional student representatives have been appointed to represent Region(s) 1-7, 8, 9, and 10. They are Thassyo Pinto, Emad Omari, Victor Carranza and Tony K James respectively. Each representative is passionate about the community and excited to help facilitate local involvement. Please visit the formal RSR announcement to learn more about each representative.

This is a new program so we are especially interested in your ideas! To learn more or get involved, please contact your regional representative directly or email rasrsr@googlegroups.com for general questions about the program!


Chapters and International Activities Committee

Xiaorui Zhu, Co-Chair

Kenji Suzuki, Co-Chair

Student Activities Committee

Lauren Miller, Chair

Megan Emmons, Co-Chair

Posted on 23 July 2015



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