Preparing a Cover Letter for Concur

Reports submitted through Concur should be submitted with a Cover Letter.

Prepare a cover letter, briefly explaining:  (i) nature of the expense; (ii) authorization and approval of the expense, (iii) why you should be receiving the reimbursement, and (iiii) for how much. e.g., approved by RAS President or based on an AdCom approved motion.  Attach a copy of the email approval or similar document.  For AdCom and ExCom members traveling to AdCom meetings, such an approval is not needed and your reimbursable amount is limited by the current travel policy.

Save the cover letter as a pdf then attach it by opening the expense report in Concur then clicking Receipts > Attach Receipt Images. This action will add the pre-approval to the entire expense report (it will not save the attachment to a single line item like most receipts).

attach receipt images

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