Third Party Reimbursements

Third Party Reimbursements are instances when an IEEE volunteer has been reimbursed by their employer or an IEEE volunteer’s employer has paid the IEEE service provider directly, a Third Party Reimbursement Form is used to help process these types of transactions requested by volunteers. Third Party Reimbursements are not processed through Concur. 

Volunteers requesting a third party reimbursement should submit the following documents (via Smartsheet method):

  • Completed and signed Third Party Reimbursement Form
  • Completed Expense Report form. (Depending on the method of payment, additional forms may be required such as a Wire Transfer form or Credit Card authorization form.) 
  • Receipts for each transaction >$25.00 USD

Third Party Reimbursement Form

Expense Report Form

Wire Transfer Form

Third Party Reimbursements should be submitted here

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