Chapter Events Highlight- Webinar on Digital Manufacturing


A webinar was held on 9 May 2020 on Digital Manufacturing


Sponsoring Organization: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch Chapter Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, India

Speaker’s Name: Prof. J. Ramkumar (Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur)


Event Summary

The purpose of the webinar on “Digital Manufacturing” was to analyse the concept and application domain of this topic considering the increasingly established Industry 4.0 and other technologies. On 9 May 2020, Dr. J. Ramkumar (Professor, IIT Kanpur), led a discussion with numerous participants on this interesting topic.

Speaker defines Digital Manufacturing as an integrated approach to manufacturing that is computer-based system comprised of simulation, 3D visualization, analytics and collaboration tools to create product. Further, he explained its evolution from initiatives like Design for Manufacturability (DFM). Computer-integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Flexible Manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing.

He outlined Industry 4.0 as a new technological paradigm, leading to a transformation of Manufacturing system and described its pillars such as Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, IoT, etc. He further illustrated Smart Manufacturing that employs CIM, adaptability, information technology, and more flexible training.

He also described Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in detail, how they work, their application and how they are interconnected.

The webinar was full of facts and information about interesting technologies. The use of fascinating diagrams in the slides grabbed everyone’s attention and made the webinar more intriguing. The webinar was attended by 125+ participants including people from foreign countries such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc.

At last, doubt clearing session was held where attendees asked their queries. The event was a success. Overall, the feedback, received was overwhelmingly positive.

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