In due course the editor-in-chief, on behalf of the associate editor who handles your paper will notify you about the publication decision. The magazine aims to get first decisions back within 90 days. The decision will be one of:

  • The paper is suitable for publication. See Submitting Final Camera-Ready Manuscripts.
  • Conditionally accept. The paper has significant promise but is not yet suitable for publication. It will need to be revised. See Revising a Manuscript.
  • Reject and resubmit. The paper is not suitable for publication but has some potential. You can choose to revise the article based on reviewer comments and resubmit it as a new article.
  • The paper, in its current form, is not suitable for publication in the magazine.
  • The paper is not deemed to be within the scope of the magazine.

Revising an article

If the associate editor who handles your paper requests you to revise and resubmit your paper, please do the following:

  • Prepare a response to the comments of the reviewers, Associate Editor and Editor in the form of a text file (with the extension .txt) or pdf file (with the extension .pdf). Without this response you cannot upload the resubmission
  • Follow the link Log in and log in with your PIN (or Login alias) and password. See the section PIN and Login Alias if you do not have a PIN and password.
  • On the Access page use the link pdf test to check that your pdf files are compliant.
  • On your Access page, enter your Author workspace.
  • Locate your paper on your Author workspace page and click on the link Resubmit.
  • Follow the required steps.
  • After resubmitting the paper you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail.
  • Again you may expect to see the status of your paper change from "Received" to "Under review" and eventually to "Decision pending" until you hear from the Editor who handles your paper.

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