Guidelines for Non-Technical RA-M Columns

Formatting Guidelines
  • Column articles are generally 2-6 magazine pages, with no more than 5 figures and 10 references
  • Provide the column in both Word and PDF formats. Columns should also be formatted as follows:
    • Single column
    • Single space
    • Left justified
  • Images, Charts, Figures, and Graphics
    • Provide all as individual hi-res files as jpg, or other graphic file format
    • Mention each figure in text in numerical order
    • A figure number and caption is required for each item
    • Authors must obtain approval from the copyright user to use photographs; authors must indicate if photograph(s) belong to them
    • Provide proper credit/attribution for each image
  • All abbreviations must be spelled out in the first instance with the acronym in parentheses
  • Byline
    • Names (only of authors) to appear in order
    • Author details:
      • Name
      • City, country
      • Affiliation (university/company)
      • Email (if desired)
  • Provide a primary contact name and email to receive proof

Current RA-M Columns

  • Opinions
  • TC Spotlight
  • Women in Engineering
  • Industry Activities
  • Competitions
  • Education
  • Young Professionals
  • Student Corner
  • Standards
  • Conference Highlights
  • Ethics

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